3,000 ads a day – accusation of scamming due to speed camera on construction site A21


There is a flash just a few meters after the 80 km/h sign on the A21. The police are therefore faced with a deluge of reports. Asfinag defends the controversial location and says it is about the safety of the workers.

After almost 30 years, the Steinhäusl junction is currently being completely renovated. The intersection of the western motorway with the outer ring motorway is still a large construction site until October. According to road maintenance company Asfinag, more than nine million euros will be invested. However, a not inconsiderable part of it should have already been salvaged. Because a radar box is supposed to be a real “golden donkey”.

“It’s just about scamming us drivers”
Just a few meters after the 80 km/h sign, the laser meter “flashes” on oncoming traffic on the A21 towards St. Pölten. “While that’s fine from a legal standpoint, it just proves what it’s about: pure scamming,” one driver said angrily.

As the “Krone” discovered, this speed trap should deliver up to 3000 ads per day (!). The police traffic department is currently unable to keep up with the plethora of traffic offenders. The board does not want to officially confirm the number. “But there are actually a lot of them,” says the national police, who pass the ball to Asfinag.

Because only the highway manager is responsible for the installation of the measuring device. The police had reportedly requested that the radar box be placed a little further back in the construction site, but that was rejected.

“I appeal to all road users”
When asked by “Krone”, Asfinag defended the controversial location. “A construction site area is always a very sensitive area. Construction machines and material transport drive in and out. And most importantly, people work directly on the track,” said spokeswoman Alexandra Vucsina-Valla. The reduced speed is essential for the safety of these people. “I therefore appeal to all road users to adhere to the limits set. “

She rejects the fact that drivers are rigorously ripped off at the start of the construction site. “In any case, a speed limit of 100 km/h applies in this section. Even before the 80 limit goes into effect, signs will also indicate the speed limit,” she emphasizes.

Most of the fine income stays with Asfinag
Incidentally, not only the location is a matter for Asfinag, the majority of the fines also go to the highway company. 80 percent of this income goes to the road authority, the rest to the police. There will probably be much more before the end of the construction site. Every day, no fewer than 74,000 vehicles, including 11,000 trucks, pass through the Steinhäusl interchange. For all of them it means: off the gas on time!

Source: Krone


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