Lamine Yamal: “I’m sad about Xavi’s departure, but I’m excited about Flick”


Despite the focus on the Euro Cup, Lamine Yamalin his interview with MD in the Black Forest, he also talked about Barça, Xavi’s farewell, he made a self-criticism, he was excited about Hansi Flick and he also faced questions about the future of his friend who Nico Williams.

The other day, Nico said that he was acting like an older brother.

I let him get away a little, but he knows I’m his father. (laughs) I hang out with him.

Where does this connection come from?

From the first call. I was very good to him and Balde.

He said he will come to Barça. Are they talking about that?

We don’t talk much. We try to have a good time, because in the end we only see each other in the national team.

With this relationship you have, do you want him to be a teammate at Barça?

Yes, I think we play well together. But this question is more for him.

You are far and away focused on the Euros, but how did you experience Xavi’s departure?

It was a very strange moment. At first he left, then he stayed… It’s strange, because we saw the same thing you see. It’s very sad because for me he was the first elite coach I had, but these things happen in football.

A new phase begins in Hansi Flick. What do you know about him?

When he was at Bayern, that was the last time I saw him. And also with the German team. He has a pretty offensive game, pretty direct. I really hope so.

have you talked to him

I haven’t talked to him yet, I think I’ll see him when I get back and we’ll talk a little.

What do Barça need to improve next season?

Of the disconnections we’ve had at times this season: From scoring a goal and having another score, or going into the second half and suddenly having two goals against us. That’s all we need to improve on, because from you to you I think we can compete with any team in the world

Source: La Verdad


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