Yan Couto’s pink hair controversy continues to rage


Yan Couto’s pink hair controversy continues to rage

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) came out this Friday in controversy generated by asking Yan Couto that she removed her pink hair at the Copa América rally and reaffirmed her commitment to “freedom, pluralism and the right to self-expression.”

“Each employee or player must have autonomy over their own appearance, beliefs, sexual orientation and gender expression,” the CBF said in an unusual official note.

The entity stressed its commitment to “great football” and “best management practices”, while reaffirming its support “for the free development of personality” of each individual who work in the CBF or defend the national team in the field.

“Since the beginning of the current administration, the CBF has prioritized the fight against racism and “any kind of discrimination in football” and “is always open to new initiatives to make Brazilian football more inclusive,” he said.

This demonstration happens one day after Couto, concentrated in Canarinha for the Copa América, which starts next 20th, rrevealed that the CBF asked her to leave her pink hair who joined him this season in the ranks of Girona.

“It was a request, basically. They told me that pink is kind of funny. I don’t see it that way, but I respect it. They asked me and I did it,” said the right-back in an interview with the UOL portal.

This Friday, the aforementioned media also published a series of behavioral recommendations sent by the CBF to football players.

Among these suggestions, players are asked to “project an image of seriousness,” “avoid fancy earrings”, “don’t use fancy colors”, “use social networks with discretion” and “don’t be on your cell phone while eating.”

They are also asked, according to UOL, to “avoid coming to the stadium with headphones or listening to loud music” and “appear in official videos playing in the locker room”, as well as “respect schedules” and “don’t eat anything outside of the nutritional plan.”

Brazil will debut in the Copa América on the 24th against Costa Rica, in Los Angeles, and then they will face Paraguay and Colombia, in Group D.

Source: La Verdad


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