Germany presents candidacy: tactical assessment after its debut


Germany presents candidacy: tactical assessment after its debut

Germany He is far superior in terms of controlling the game and controlling the match. In 4-2-3-1 start, with a Cross reference in developing the team’s positional game against a Scotland placed in the middle of the field and its own field in a 5-4-1.

Germany He tried to press high whenever he could in both halves of the game and made the Scots’ offensive game difficult.

In positional play, Germany formed a line of 3 with the proximity of Cross including centrals: Well and Rudigerand that’s where he came together to look for the offensive players to go inside (from the outside in) Musiala and Wirtz. In addition to the player FC Barcelona, Gundoganwhich is also close to forward Havertz. These movements and positions forced the Scottish to close lines to reduce spaces.

In this context, situations were also seen where space was created outside, and the edges as Kimmich and Mittelstadtthey rise to high positions to be an option.

The first goal was a clear example of the offensive intentions of the host, where their tactical plan was clearly visible and the Scots could not resist it. In the animation you can see the construction with Crossthe forward players looking for internal areas behind the 4 Scottish midfielders, and the full-backs taking advantage of the empty space to develop and thus become an offensive option with the intention of finishing the pass or centering the ball in very dangerous positions. .

It is also worth highlighting the offensive mobility of Havertza very dynamic forward who poked into space behind the defensive line, thus complicating the defensive management of the 3 central defenders. Scotland.

As if that wasn’t enough, the changes haven’t been bad Nagelsmannand in one of the first touching Füllkrug He scored the fourth goal in a quick attack by the Germans. And then, in the 75th minute, the same center forward scored another goal, which ended up being disallowed for offside. Besides get well, also warned on more than one occasion with his drives and shots on goal in his playing minutes. And, ending with Germany’s fifth goal by a substituted player Emre Can who shot from outside the area.

• Final comments:

If the recent match between Germany and my love Greece Before today’s first game, the host was able to leave some doubts, now, it is clear, that the sensations are completely different. A team that went for the game in the 90’s and left some doubts. Except for the own goal in the 87′ of Rüdiger defending that lateral foul action Scotland.

For me, it is worth highlighting the dynamism and offensive quality of offensive players: Musiala and Wirtzboth have goals in this first game of Eurowith two tactically astute and experienced players, Cross and Gundoganwhich are generators of attack actions.

We have to wait for the next matches to see how the German team responds against more prestigious teams. As well as, observe what will be the strategy of Scotland against Switzerlandconsidering the need to score and the loss due to the dismissal of the central defender today Crazy.

Source: La Verdad


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