Romania passes through Ukraine by Lunin and Dovbyk


Romania passes through Ukraine by Lunin and Dovbyk

This Monday, Romania starred in one of the first surprises of the Euro Cup. Jordanescu’s team went through Ukraine, favorite in the rivalry, with a hat trick of goals that cemented the yellow team’s resounding and fair victory.

Stanciu, in the first part, Razvan Marin and Dragus In the second, they scored the goals of a Romanian team that broke the bank against the goalkeeper’s Ukraine. Lunin, Dovbyk and Tsygankov, the two Girona players who did not have a good debut in the national team’s highest competition.

The Ukrainian team had the ball and took the initiative in many phases of the match, especially in the first phase, but they were inexperienced and a little slow in circulation, without real danger, against a very effective Romania.

Ukraine will face the tournament with the aim of getting past the quarterfinals of the last Euro, its best classification. But the setback against Romania could complicate their quest. It was not the day of the ‘Spaniards’ of Ukraine. Madrid goalkeeper Lunin had no day and he did more than two of the three goals he conceded.

While the Representatives of Girona, striker Dovbyk and Tsygankov They signed a gray presentation. The Liga’s top scorer tried to get oil out of nowhere, as he didn’t have any clear chances, very well covered by a clean Romanian defense throughout the game.

While Romania, who returned to the European tournament after eight yearsby the hand of Jordanescu He had a great game from less to more. He is a roller and unforgiving on clear occasions that it got before a Lunin who gave a different picture to who offered this campaign to the purpose of Madrid.

The game started with a clear dominance of the ‘green’, a Ukraine that took the ball and harassed the Romanians from the first breath. But soon Dovbyk’s team realized that scoring a goal will not be easy against the neat web woven behind the Romanians.

Gradually, the team Iordanescu It stretched and came with venom. And soon he won a prize. In the 30th minute the captain of Romania Stanciu hit him with all his desire from the cross and the ball was not stopped for the goalkeeper. The communication error between Matviyenko and Lunin ended up condemning Ukraine to fall behind on the scoreboard. In the first clear Romania has, a good goal to open the melon.

The goal motivated the yellows and left the Ukrainian team a bit shaky, who despite taking the lead, did not know how to translate their dominance on the scoreboard. Furthermore, in the 39th minute the second Romanian could fall, an Olympic goal the corner shot of Stanciu it closes and almost Lunin ‘eats’ it, quite early, spit on the crossbar.

In the second part the script of the first is copied. Ukraine came out in dominant mode, carrying the weight of the match. But his pace was slow and he struggled to find escape routes in the Romanian rearguard. And when they pressed Dovbyk too much and company, new blow.

In the 53rd minute, a new goal fell, this time from Razvan Marin. The guy was great and Marin invented whiplash couldn’t help but outrun Lunin, who was unlucky again. Ukraine tried to react but after four minutes came the penalty. A man cut inside the area and his shot was deflected by a defender, but Dragu, alert to the rebound, shot Lunin. The goal was reviewed by VAR for a possible offside, but ended up being upheld, making the score 3-0.

In the final stretch, Ukraine desperately looked for the goal, improved with the changes introduced, but 3-0 did not budge. Romanian fans let into the standseuphoric about the good victory of Iordanescu’s team.

Source: La Verdad


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