Alonzo: "things happen"


Fernando Alonso will start 10th at the 2022 F1 Azerbaijan GP sa standard this Sunday (1:00 pm) and he will do so with the desire to fish in the turbulent river. Nothing forgets what the Spaniard did last year on the streets of standard may a Alpine. Max Verstappen he caused a red flag with five laps to leave and resume from a halt with two more laps. Fernando Alonso started 10th in one and finished 6th, taking four positions in just two corners. That’s a clear demonstration of what can happen in Baku, a track where there is a high probability that a safety vehicle will appear that will change everything from one moment to another. The man from Oviedo clings to the ability to take advantage of opportunities to come out of the race this Sunday to continue adding points after being 10th in a qualification where Alpine again reduced its level of competitiveness compared to Friday.

“It’s a bit of a mixed sensation, because on Friday in free practice we were going pretty fast, and we’re still expecting a little more from now on, but we’re 10th and 13th. So a bit of the reality that Sometimes we meet every Saturday. We lose competitiveness. But well, I’m happy with the time trial itself, the lap is good, I don’t have a big problem, the car also feels good, but there are no last 3 or 4 tenths that separate us “sixth today, so let’s see if tomorrow we can get them back”, said the Spanish driver in statements to ‘DAZN F1’.

The Oviedo man faces the event this Sunday without removing anything because of the “traps” kept by a track like Baku, which are very close to walls and where mistakes are costly. “We have seen it now. I made a mistake on turn 15. Sebastian (Vettel) entered the wall on the same turn…. There are things that will happen tomorrow, so we need to focus and not make mistakes. It will be a career full of traps and we have to try to stay away from them ”.

Source: La Verdad


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