Former Bolivian President Jeanine Áñez, sentenced to 10 years in prison


The government of Luis Arce has celebrated Áñez’s conviction in the Golpe II case. Añez took power in Bolivia in 2019 after Evo Morales left the presidency and denounced a coup. 22 former Latin American presidents have asked the UN, OAS and the EU to “intervene”.

Bolivia’s former temporary president Jeanine Áñez was sentenced this Friday to 10 years in prison for the events of 2019 that took place between November 10, the day on which Evo Morales has resigned as the country’s presidentand on the 12th, when the then senator temporarily took power, something the ruling party has always described as “coup d’état

La Paz’s First Conviction Court has virtually announced that the… punishment against Áñez for the crimes of Violation of duties and resolutions contrary to the Constitution and has indicated that the full text of the resolution will be released at a hearing on June 15.

The government of Luis Arce has partially celebrated the conviction of Áñez in the case called clap II whereas a “historical precedent” has been set that “never, for any reason, a person appoints himself president of the country”. The Ministry of Justice said in a statement that “a decisive phase has been completed in the process of restoring democracy” and has defended that the judiciary “in the exercise of its independence has issued a judgment” contained in “the principles and due process guarantees.

“The verdict for the Coup II case is a historical precedent, so that a coup d’état will not be repeated after the breach of the constitutional order. It establishes for history that the democratic and constitutional way is the only way to come to power come.” , indicates the note.

Jeanine Anez was arrested on March 13, 2021 as part of the ‘Coup d’état’ case. Áñez has other pending cases as she too will be prosecuted for the deaths caused during the 2019 crisis.

The United Nations will review the verdict after it is made fully public, on the 15th

The Mission in Bolivia of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) explained that “the one international observation of the course of justice against Jeanine Áñez and 8 other defendants”.

The organization has recalled that this international observation was requested by the Bolivian Ministry of Justice “and accepted by the parties and the judiciary” and that they will make their comments “once the verdict has been pronounced and read in its entirety”, the June , 15.

Aznar and 22 former Latin American presidents criticize Áñez .’s conviction

For his part, former Spanish President José María Aznar and 22 former Latin American presidents, including Bolivian opposition leader Carlos Mesa, have criticized the 10-year prison term for “a trumped-up charge”. “This is a trumped-up allegation about an event that did not happen. The former president is being illegally detained. While incarcerated, this trial was opened without the minimum basis,” the former presidents argued in a statement sponsored by the so-called Democratic Initiative of Spain and America (IDEA).

The former presidents have urged the UN, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the EU to “reject its intention to convict her arbitrarily, unlawfully, illegally and unconstitutionally”.

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Source: EITB


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