another stone on the road


The announcement of Spanish Federation Aligning economic conditions in football has been a big step. But make no mistake: there is still no equivalent salary. They will not be charged both of them, but there will be a system of distribution of bonuses and similar image rights. In other words, both teams will receive both in percentage and not in numbers (the men’s bonus for winning Euro 2021 will be 400 thousand euros …).

It was another stone drawn on the road, as the soccer players themselves celebrated, but it was still far from equality.

In Norway there is equal pay thanks to the titanic efforts of Ada Hegerberg, who gave up playing with his national team for five years and missed the World Cup in France, and the Norwegian soccer players, who gave part of their salary for their teammates. They followed Finland, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, England, United States …

Many people ‘buy’ the hackneyed phrase that “they charge less because they generate less” without fully assessing the reasons leading up to that extreme — they also say women’s football isn’t interested and the Camp Nou was filled twice in a row-.

Undoubtedly, it’s time to celebrate a historic treaty, a treaty of justice. If equality prevails in all areas of life, football cannot be abandoned.

Source: La Verdad


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