Thebes: "PSG? It is clear that the financial ‘Fair Play’ rules are not being met"


Javier Thebes He participated in a Club Consultative Platform (CAP) meeting and reiterated that state clubs, such as City and PSG, did not follow the rules of economic ‘fair play’ and for this reason, they were criticized by LaLiga.

“The problem is not that a state is the owner of a club, like PSG and City. The problem is usually these types of clubs are the ones with bad behavior in the economic field, of the ‘Fair Play’ financial policy. and future standards. These bad practices will be fully identified “, he concluded. Thebes.

The president of LaLiga He went on to say of these clubs “increasing their sponsorships” and conducting “operations without economic meaning. In addition, they transfer payments from their countries to bring them to their states. and stay out of control of the economy, and for formal purposes it gives the feeling that it’s being fulfilled. And the third way is they don’t have a problem with losses. “

Javier Tebas, dedicated to PSG, He assured that “it is impossible for him to have 200 million euros more than commercial income, an indication is that his followers on social networks -60 million for 120 of Real Madrid”, he said, to add that “authorized by UEFA more losses due to the pandemic, through lower revenues, but PSG raised their wage bill during the COVID They will end a 600 million euro wage bill in the 21-22 season, not counting the renewal ng Mbappe. It is clear that the rules of ‘Fair Play’ in finance are not being followed, it puts the whole ecosystem of European football at risk. “

Thebes regretted so much lat UEFA because domestic competitions, including LaLiga, did not control state clubs. “The three clubs in the Super League are trying to strengthen themselves, right, in this argument, they say UEFA can’t afford to compete with state clubs and they accuse them, on occasions, of coexistence, “assured the president of LaLiga, to add that” For this reason, these state clubs are causing a lot of damage to the football ecosystem, because they compete unfairly, with a growing impact in terms of salaries, and questions the credibility of UEFA and the system of financial control, so it is important to criticize it and say it clearly.

On advertisement presented by LaLiga against PSG and Manchester City, Thebes explained that “are the clubs or the leagues responsible to our hierarchically superior institutions? Am I obligated to report when I deem irregularities exist? I think so, and so is the management”, he pointed out, and added that “if we look the other way in the matter of economic control and the cheating that is being done is against our governing rules. We want the competition to be as clean as possible and these clubs are causing huge damage in control of the economy, ”Tebas said.

Javier Thebes believes there is a “clear conflict of interest” between Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of PSG, Bein Sports and the European Club Association and UEFA. “He is a buyer of UEFA rights, we have to denounce him. We are not doing this to defend the Spanish clubs, who have enough of our most demanding economic control, we are doing it to preserve the ecosystem of European football, which is in danger, “he said. .

Source: La Verdad


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