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ATon the street. A car with four very energetic girls descends Collblanc towards the stadium chirping ‘Catalan rock’ music played by ‘parrot’. There was a slight influx of patrons in the bars of Riera Blanca and around, where the first beer was usually made. Some group of teenagers sitting on the sidewalk spend time next to modern backpacks full of ‘gadgets’. Various Blaugrana museum t-shirts gave color to the crowd. Grandparents, parents, couples, teens and gangs felt like the main characters were going to happen. Not flare, not insult to rival. As they approached the entrance gate the sex ratio dropped.

Potential The Clásico record (91,553 fans, many of them male and female) revealed that there is an academic potential that is fascinated by Barça’s women’s football. Alexia, Mapi, Aitana, Marta, Hansen are a benchmark of humility, demeanor, work and closeness and of admiration for the brilliant and ambitious football they display. All of these concepts form a cocktail for girls who dream of one day becoming soccer players for any club or, why not? of Barça and play with Camp Nou. The club has an important bank of young followers to nurture, stimulate and channel.

Other visible energy The team demonstrated the ability to recapture the family atmosphere of the Camp Nou and advance the Blaugrana identity. Many of the boys and girls present had their ‘baptisms’ at the stadium’s ‘baptisms’ accompanied by their parents who introduced them to the culture of Barcelona. Of course, coated with the sacred breeze of burning plastic from the less familiar frankfurters of the environment.

New football? When the game ended, an interesting debate immediately erupted about whether women’s football offers us a new way of football lifestyle that is different from the present, wild and full of macho tics, a valid legacy. from the past. There are many examples: the fair play of the emotional mother of Madrid player Teresa Abelleira who asked Alexia to take a photo with the whole family; the applause of merengue coach Alberto Toril when the record is announced; the sportiness of Real Madrid staying on the lawn during the lap of honor; the careful selection of animated songs without provocations, in which ‘Virolai’, a song dedicated to the Mare de Déu de Montserrat, is unexpectedly performed; The Putellas liken the ‘Timbaler del Bruc’ in front of Gol Norte, a legend between fiction and reality; and the pleasant realization that the players know the song.

Recognition The event signifies strategic progress for the normalization of women’s football around the world and unites the Blaugrana section as one of the entity’s most important assets of the multi-sports dimension. The club should be recognized for its social responsibility by linking the event to food collection for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Barcelona. Spotify will wear the new shirt from July 1, replacing Stanley, who contributed 3.5 million. It’s not bad to wonder if, along with Barça promoting gender equality around the world, that contract should have an update. At the telematic Assembly tomorrow, members must have official information to vote for no strange reason that Scandinavians need confidentiality. Transparency is not contrary to good governance. How much does it cost to put on the front of Alexia’s shirt?

The absent The only loser in the action was, again, Florentino, who did not show himself in the box to join his players in an action that was more of a Clásico. Pérez was scolded by the stadium: “Where is Florentino …?”, Chanted the stands after Alexia’s 4-2.

Duties Wolfsburg will be rivals of the champions in their fourth consecutive ‘semi-final’. The club will reopen the doors of the Camp Nou with popular prices for the first leg (April 22 or 23). The women gave assignments to fans, clubs and entities so that the record would not just stay as a number, as Aitana said. The club, for example, should designate the Camp Nou as a permanent venue for the Champions League. The fan, meanwhile, will memorize a complete lineup for the next game. There is still a long way to go. Slowly.

Source: La Verdad


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