Players will practice between 20 and 25% more time


“If we choose, they will train between 20 and 25% more hours. Simply put, the formula will not fail if you practice more and do it with a high level of conditions and professionalism ”. A basic rule in the roadmap is that Ramon’s Plans has designed if he will be the sporting director of Athletic. Considering that training is “the key to everything” and Lezama This is a value to exploit. “With the facilities we have, where the best at Spain, we must transform ourselves in practice. We are obliged to do so, to invest in technology ”, he developed.

And here is the creation of a new department: Athletic LAB. To maximize data usage and “provide more work and knowledge to individual players”. will run through jordi garcia“One of the best physical trainers in Europe”Thinks of plans with the past in Atlético, Real Madrid and the Aspire Academyand beside him will be Bernardo Hernandezdating of Google and it will also play an important role in the economy. “I give this department brutal importance,” the former sports director said barca.

Aldazabal also wants to send a “message of calm to the workers of Lezama”In case they reach Ibaigane. They are considering a ten-year plan, until 2023, that will be available to the winner of the elections if they don’t. That was also clear to them Lezama “You don’t need an electroshock, but you can be better, like everyone else.”

Source: La Verdad


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