Futsal | Jimbee Cartagena Duda says the team should have more personality


Jimbee Cartagena coach thinks the setback against Fútbol Club Barcelona is the biggest mistake of the season

Jimbee Cartagena coach Duda believes the defeat to Barca on the last day of the competition was fundamental to the development of the ‘play-offs’. In an interview awarded to the ‘5 on the track’ program on the ‘Efesista’ portal, the Brazilian coach was honest and put on the table that the match “was causing them a lot of damage”. Likewise, he claimed that “it was a missed opportunity, the main failure of the season.”

However, he felt that finishing fifth in the regular season couldn’t spoil his second place all season: “The most important thing is the journey. We have been second in the league for many days and that counts in the project,” he recalls.

Asked about the season in general, the Brazilian stated that “the team has shown its face and has been brave. What people are asking is that the team fight. Incompetence has prevented us from progressing.

Regarding the draw against Valdepeñas corresponding to the quarter-finals of the league title, Duda argued that the physical and psychological factor of not being able to come back against the Catalans may have affected the first leg. However, he defended the team’s work in the second leg: “We were brave in extra time, against Valdepeñas, but a bad pass generates a goal against you” and stated that when the match ended “I felt bad, a failure .”

When asked about the poor performance at home compared to the one he had away, he claimed to be unaware of the cause, but emphasized the importance of only being defeated once as a visitor.

Likewise, he defended Miguel Ángel Jiménez, president: “If we want the project to go ahead, several things must be sought, including that more people should come to the palace. Your company makes it possible for us to maintain a high level of futsal in Cartagena,” he said.

With regard to next season, he confirmed that the club is trying to ensure that all home games are played on a fixed day and time. He also mentioned that Juanan, the top scorer in the Second Division “will definitely come back” and that Waltinho, a pivot with a past at Jimbee “is a good option.”

He also confirmed that Simi, already announced by the club, Marinovic and Peru, will not take place and made several wishes for the upcoming campaign: “to be a team with more personality at key moments and be much more reliable at home.”

Finally, he launched a phrase for hope: this team is going to grow and its time will come, because things are done right.

Source: La Verdad


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