The action in which Fernando Alonso was punished in Canada


Fernando Alonso He had a problem with his engine that caused him to lose speed on the straight road. I gritted my teeth on the curves to keep glued to Stephen Ocon in the seventh position to take advantage of the straight DRS from your partner. Only then could he defend his position against boots, rolling just behind. But the Nordic were too hooked on the last straight, before crossing the finish line to take the final lap of the race, and it was there that Oviedo took action that the managers considered a penalty.

The Asturian driver made some changes in direction, and in particular, the managers decided to punish him for his last move because they considered he forced the attacker to take a evade action, that is, he had to brake when he saw Fernando might be blocking. his way before arriving at the last chicane.

This action can be appreciated in a better way with the repetition offered by ‘DAZN F1’ on its social networks.

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As the FIA ​​stated in its statement, Fernando was punished for violating Article 2 b) of Chapter IV of Appendix L of the International Sporting Regulations, which resulted in him being sentenced to a 5-second penalty that made him the 9th. in racing, plus losing one point on your extra license.

“Between turns 10 and 12, on the penultimate lap of the race, car 14 (Alonso) made repeated changes of direction to defend against car 77 (Bottas), which had to lift and lose speed, “said the FIA.

“Even though they noticed the driver’s argument that no time was car 77 next to car 14, the supervisors considered this to be a clear violation of the regulations. The supervisors imposed a 5 -second penalty in accordance with that imposed by a similar incident. in Australia 2022 “, the quoted text added.

Source: La Verdad


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