Lewandowski-Bayern, a divorce coming from afar


Last week, Oliver Khan | Y Hasan Salihamidzic traveled to Mallorca to meet face to face Robert Lewandowski. Bayern leaders chose diplomatic channels to try to convince the striker, after weeks in which the two parties discussed through the media. Both Pole and the sports director agreed to seek a solution through dialogue, though Lewandowski He remained steadfast in his decision to leave and the club reiterated that he would fulfill his contract until 2023.

For many the position of Lewandowski and his determination to leave Munich was a surprise, even though those who knew him knew that his ‘divorce’ with the German club was coming from afar, as relations with Bayern began to deteriorate four years ago and the course is accentuated past, after the removal of Rummenigge and the change in the bank.

The first confrontation in between Lewandowski and the bayern It appeared in 2018, before the World Cup in Russia. That summer, there was speculation about his possible move to Real Madrid and Pole told Bayern of his desire to play at the Santiago Bernabéu. “Robert feels he needs change and new challenges in his career”, he declared at the time. Pini Zahavi, who talked to the Germans and did everything possible to force them to leave. Talks did not progress and he ended up dealing with Bayern leaders. Uli Hoenesswho was president of the club, then baptized Zahavi as a “greedy piranha”, according to the Bild newspaper and since that summer has greatly affected the agent’s relationship with the club.

Lewandowski He went on to Bayern, where he was declared European champion, breaking all goalcoring records and winning The Best award, the Golden Boot and finishing second at the Golden Ball. But the relationship with the club has gradually deteriorated. gradually and intensified. more in 2021, after Bayern’s departure from Karl Heinz Rummenigge, the manager with whom he had the best connection and his trusted interlocutor at the club. because of hasan Salihamidzicsports director, also did not have a good ‘feeling’ and very cold of their relationship.

The relief on the bench did not sit well Lewandowski. The Pole was delighted Hansi Flickbut on the other hand, as Bild revealed, he never became comfortable Julian Nagelmann. Pole understands that the new coach’s game system is not in his favor and even though the coach wants to show him, the statistics at hand, that he is wrong, the communication between the two has become more complicated. That tension with the coach and the striker’s dissatisfaction was carried over into training and even led to friction with some teammates, such as Kimmich either I was healed.

And while Lewandowski He became more and more frustrated every day. Nagelsmann At the sporting level, he was anxious to find out about the club’s ‘flirtatiousness’ in the press to sign. Haland. Pole did not understand why Bayern were willing to make a huge financial effort to sign the Norwegian as he rejected the renewal proposal and even at a meeting with Oliver Khan | They talked a lot but the CEO had no proposal to extend his contract. Everything adds up to cause it Lewandowski told the public after the last game of the season that his time at Bayern was over. A message that was repeated throughout the summer.

Source: La Verdad


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