Velasco: "This is a very difficult time"


The coach of FC Barcelona, Jesus Velasco, said that “it was very long and very difficult, with a great desire to work on things we could not do, due to the lack of possibility of training sessions.” And he explained what he meant: “There are players who will do more than 60 games and it’s a lot ”. In other words, “this is a difficult time”.

He explained, regarding the injury, that “injuries saved us, the players were able to rotate and the ‘B’ kids helped us a lot. I know the squad we have, but it’s veteran and we need to see the state of form in which we come. We got to the European Cup well and now we got well ”.

Before the new season, Velasco always says that “my teams work better in the second year, let’s see”. And he did not abdicate responsibility. “This team is made to win and we can’t hide. We will try to win as much as possible. “

Aurelius Mas, the responsible managerfeatured “amazing work done” as well as subsidiary players. jordi torressection manager, for his part emphasized the reinforcements to be provided “I have done my job”.

Source: La Verdad


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