7-0: Spain goleada to dream at the Euro gate


Hit to dream. Eleven days before the start of the European Championship in England -from July 6 to 31-, Spain won a resounding victory against Australia in their first warm-up friendly. those of vilda They presented their credentials against a powerful and equal rival, who was fourth at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, although without their top star on the field, Sam Kerr, the Chelsea striker who became MVP and top scorer in the English league, who was injured.

With a young and modified block, ‘Matildas’ was a real litmus test for Spain, able to flaunt and show off his offense, touch and possession system that makes it his hallmark – both of which delivered it to the Undefeated Euro-, in a game that served the coach to end determining the specific team that would travel to England.

Spain released their gala team, with Mapi León due to covid, while Real Madrid striker Esther González did not come out of the start training this week on the sideline due to some discomfort. It is feared that the absence of Jenni Hermoso, La Roja’s all-time top scorer, will be sorely missed, but Spain have proven to have the resources on attack to make up for this sensitive defeat.

Spain led their rival in the beginning, but found themselves in common ghosts from the start: lots of possessions and few goals. So, in the first half he dominated the ball and imposed his rhythm, although he didn’t have the spark and speed to make his dangerous plays. Australia locked themselves in, predictably, took the pressure and sought their chance to counterattack.

Spain warned in the first minute of the match with a mid-height ball in the area that Lucía García was able to touch with his finger, but goalkeeper Micah was quick. In minute 3, Leila’s center catches Micah. In the 16th minute, a goal from Amaiur Sarriegi after a Leila center that Aitana touched for the first time, but the Real striker was offside in the shot.

Soon after the occasion was Patri Pebble, with a shot from the Mallorcan that crossed the crossbar. In the 37th minute, Mariona, also a Barça player, showed her superb quality through a great action down the left wing, including a shot at a visiting defender. Spain tried but could not find the goal. Australia, well positioned, defended tooth and nail.

With the stroke of half-time, after occasions from a sharp Alexia and another from Amaiur, the reward for the insistence came with a great goal from Aitana Bonmatí, a left-footed shot that went into the top corner to do justice to the scoreboard. This is goal number 15 of the azulgrana with the Red.

vilda moved the bench after the break and entered Esther and Irene warrior by Aitana and Amaiur. Three minutes after the break, Mariona scored second with a shot from 30 meters from the Balearic Islands that caused Williams to lose balance. And in the 53rd minute, Esther followed, after a corner kick that, after a few rebounds, was taken by the white player to score with a header.

The pressure from Spain was exhausting, while Australia could barely deliver three straight in a row. Lucia Garcia twice sentenced: in the 57th minute he led a goal from a cross from Marion and at 80 ‘, he made a good cut in place to put the ball near the opposite post. Irene put icing on the cake with two goals just one minute apart in the 89th minute. Fans said goodbye to the team with applause after enjoying a great match from Spain from Huelva.

Source: La Verdad


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