Cerezo confirmed Witsel’s signing: "we did it"


Enrique Cerezopresident of Atletico Madridconfirmed made by the mattress team axel witzel as a signature for the coming season.

“We already have a medium, witsel, that you all know we’ve almost done it. The side, we are looking for it ”, he explained in the presentation of Mad Cup by Wanda Metropolitano.

“There is almost nothing missing. Slowly grind things. We will have to wait a few days, a few weeks, and it will be done ”, he said of the Belgian.

He also pointed out that “everything was pretty much the same last year”, in terms of squad formation, when asked about a possible departure from Griezmann. “The only thing I can say is we’re looking for a midfielder and a full-back, we already have a midfielder and we’re looking for a full-back,” he said.

On pass Y Saultaught: “They have settled their debt to other clubs and we will be happy to accept them”.

Finally, wait for it to be the season of joao felix. “joao felix He already showed last year what he can do. And this year he will show it again, he is an amazing player and he will be the envy of the four or five important players who are there ”, he pointed out.

Source: La Verdad


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