242,169 signatures – Next vaccination referendum in parliament


Another referendum against mandatory corona vaccination has been held in the House of Representatives. 3.81 percent of the beneficiaries voted for a similar initiative. According to the provisional final result of Monday evening, this corresponds to 242,169 signatures, which means that the 100,000 hurdle for parliamentary processing has been smoothly passed. A request to resign from the federal government must now be considered in the National Council.

This initiative received support from 172,713 people, representing 2.72 percent of those eligible. The dismissal referendum has thus taken 43rd place on the list of all-time referendums. The one against the vaccination obligation, which is about to be abolished anyway, is in 37th place.

Stubborn opponents of vaccination
In any case, the opponents of mandatory vaccination are stubborn and many of them are likely to be the same proponents. Because the petitions on this subject occupy places 31, 33, 35, 36 and recently also 37. By comparison, the most successful referendum to date against the convention center was supported by 25.74 percent of the rights holders. The most successful initiative of this millennium, the one against the Temelin nuclear power plant, achieved a result of 15.53 percent.

Source: Krone


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