Estadi Serrahima is hosting another edition of the Ciutat de Barcelona


The Estadi Joan Serrahima has hosted a new edition of the international conference City of Barcelona, which brought together athletes from 30 different countries. Two sprinters from FC Barcelonaa, Pol Retamal (10 ”31 in the men’s 100 meters) and Jael Bestue (23 ”10 in the women’s 200 m), the winners of the two speed tests after defeating Ali Al-Balushi (10” 44) and Leonie Van Vliet (23 ”44), respectively.

the moroccan Oussama Nabil (1’46 ”47) won the 800 meters, one of the most exciting races of the afternoon, as he had to shoot to a very tight finish alongside Francesco Conti (1’46” 70) and Amel Tuka (1’47 ”19).

In the 400m freestyle, Omar El Khatib | (46 ”77) also starred in a colorful finale with Robert Parge (46” 90). On the lap of the track with obstacles, the winner is Seamus Derbyshireand has a 50 ”90. Jochem Vermeulen (3’40 ”16) dominated the 1,500 meter test and Ibrahim Chakir | he is the best in the 3,000 meter steeplechase with a mark of 8’27 ”52.

Shawn Thompson (8.01) was the only athlete to exceed eight meters in the long jump and Guobiao Wu he rose with a mark of 2.18 meters.

In the female category, Lucia Pinacchio (2’02 ”60) beat Maria Martinez a highly competitive 800 -meter race, while Agueda Marques (4’09 ”55) won the 1,500 m Marta Zenoni (4’11” 11).

Blanca Fernandez He won the 3,000 meter hurdles with a time of 9’43 ”28. In the 400m freestyle, Irina Vasiliou (52 ”99) came in first position, as Nessa Millett (57 ”86) in the 400 meter barrier.

Source: La Verdad


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