darter: "My renewal? if we all try there is no problem"


Sergio Darder, one of the undisputed leaders of Spain 2022-23 as himself Diego Martinez he dropped out, he reviewed the perica news, referring to his renewal (contract expires in 2023), one of the great concerns of the perica fans who fingers crossed to be followed by the ‘Wizard’ blue and white for many years.

the of Artà assures the fansWell, if it depends on him, he wants to continue for a long time at RCDE Stadium. “It doesn’t just depend on me. Whether I stay or leave, I will never be as happy as I am here and that is important to face the renewal.. Spanish is my home, I have a year left on my contract and I’m not in a hurry, ” announced in a lengthy interview given on the program ‘Tot Gira’ on ‘Catalunya Ràdio’, that he was awarded ‘Dani Jarque Trophy’. On the line, he clarified that “there are many aspects to consider. Sports, psychological, vision of the future, economic … First, the club and my agent have to agree on economic terms, which I do not include. , and then see if the best for both parties it is the renewal or something else. I think that if we all make an effort dapat walang problema “, he assured.

Another issue where gave birth to Artà is the option to wear the captain’s armband this year, then the march of David López and Diego López. He felt he was important and he wanted to be captain. “If you ask me three years ago I would say no, that’s what I said when I proposed to be. I was always very clear with the club in all aspects, I wasn’t ready and I said it. Now the on the contrary, I feel like I’m ready to be captain and for all, I have the strength and confidence in myself, I am excited ”.

Darder he has also released how he feels about the new coach Diego Martínez after the early days of training. “I knew football was going to be ambitious. He wanted us to go and stir things up and win. He made Granada CF a better team than us, I don’t want to play against them, I have a lot of possession and they are not comfortable, you play what they want “, he admits.

Ultimately, he identified the possibility that Thomas Raul can ‘fly’ this summer. He no longer wants to hear about the possible march of the top scorer. “The more important people stay, the better; good players want to be surrounded by good players. It’s great, it goes without saying what it means for us, he has a contract and we hope he stays,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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