"It has been a great experience"


Mirari Uria (Azpeitia, 2003) returns to her hometown after winning the long -awaited championship for her. He really wants to offer the public the great player he has in the various competitions that await: the U-20 World Cup, La Liga and the Champions League. She gave Mundo Deportivo Gipuzkoa her first interview after winning the Women’s Euro Cup.

First of all, zorionak for his first national team title.

Eskerrik asko.

A few days have passed since he won the European Championship. What is the feeling?

The truth is I still don’t believe it, but I will soon say: “My dream has come true. We won “.

How would you detail the European Under-19?

It has been a great experience. We eventually had that goal and that illusion of winning the European Championship, but we saw it so far that we said ‘joe, hopefully I win’ and achieving that was super exciting.

How would you define your goal against Sweden in the 51st minute, which gave you a pass in the final?

Ornella’s center is the most. I thought I would never finish my head, but I finally did as well. I scored the goal, but for me it was the whole team, because we were building more than them and at some point it had to come. What needs to be mentioned is the work of the whole team during the competition.

How would you describe the final against Norway?

We wanted to win, but we knew only one could be the champion. These are very intense moments, but beautiful at the same time. Some of us were a little nervous, others were a little pretty. Honestly, last night I couldn’t sleep well because I was thinking about the game. We went with a clear idea of ​​what we wanted to do in reverse and everything went well.

It was all decided at the last minute, how did you experience it?

Almost all of us think we are going to go in extra time, although we think the goal will come anytime soon. And so it was, in the 93rd minute. We can’t believe it.

What was the first thing you did when you saw they were European champions?

I cried first and then I went to my cellphone and called my family. They were all at home, including my grandparents. I will remember this for the rest of my life.

Now that you’ve arrived, have you celebrated yet?

The truth is quite small. The day I arrived I was visiting my grandparents and uncles, and the next day I was also with my family. I was only in Azpeitia for two days because I was on vacation in Mallorca.

On Wednesday the list of those called up for the U-20 World Cup came out and there were five from Real. What does it look like?

I was so happy that Peter was counting on me. Some may think that after the European Championship it will be hard to go back to another competition, but I can’t let it be fun. I get it now and in a few years it won’t be.

Leave the national team and focus on Real, how do you see yourself at the football level?

Quite a long season still awaits me. Tough competition will come. I think I’ll have to improve above all physically to be able to endure the whole year, but it’s going to be an exciting year because we have a new competition and I’m really looking forward to start.

How do you see the team?

It’s getting stronger and I think we’re going to do a good job during the season. We have to work hard because things are not achieved from nothing. Hopefully things go well for us and we finish like last year or better.

How did you rate the previous course?

Fantastic, both on Real and on the national team. We were second, we were able to go to the Champions League, and with the national team, I was called up for the European Championship and the World Cup. I have nothing more to ask for.

Have you been inspired by players like Amaiur and Nerea?

Yes. Ultimately, working with them every day is a privilege. They are among the best in the league and I have to say that I am lucky to be able to train every day and thrive alongside them. I am from B, you look up and you see Nerea, Amaiur, Sanni, among others, and they are role models for me.

Source: La Verdad


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