Alonzo: "The new generation of fans did not see me fight for podiums"


Fernando Alonsowho this weekend will return to the circuit of Paul Ricard, in Le Castellet (France)has made several statements on ‘The Race’ which includes a special website ‘’ where he points to a new generation of fans and compares them to football fans who know little about the sport.

“There is a new generation of fans today that weren’t there in 2006, when I won the World Championship, or weren’t there in 2012, when I was racing for Ferrari fighting for the Championship. Now there are fifty percent new spectators and they are Never saw Alonso fight for podiums and victories and they wonder what he added to the sport”, highlights the Asturian.

“I think the perception from the outside or the feeling about me has changed from one time to another. Now I think the fans we have are new fans and in a way I don’t want to disrespect them, but they don’t know much. about Formula 1. They are like football fans, they just follow the result, they believe that whoever wins is better and whoever comes last has no level for Formula 1. They don’t understand much about the performance of the car and the package that you need. more than a roller coaster of sensations, of perceptions about what people think of you”, added the man from Oviedo.

“When you have a good weekend, you look like God. When you have a bad weekend, you are too old, too young or whatever. The fans watch the race, feel it and then turn it off until the next one. Sunday. Not anymore.” there’s a proper F1 culture,” said Fernando, who finally shared his own expectations for his return and talked about how the perception of himself and drivers in general has changed over the years.

“On weekends like Canada or the second half of the year, I think people feel that I can add something to the sport. I know the front row is nothing to write home about, a few times already I’m in that position. , but it means a lot to me because when you decide to go back, you have to get away from some things, family and friends again, and devote yourself fully to your work, travel, physical aspect, mental aspect, everything and ‘The pressure you feel on your shoulders because you are Fernando Alonso and everyone will look at you if you run well”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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