Stephen Ferriss said the Ulster yellow card incident against the Bulls was an ‘absolute joke’


Former Irish star Stephen Ferris has described Kieran Treadwell’s controversial slap against the bulls as an “absolute joke” on Loftus Versfield.

The Premier Sports expert also believes that TMO’s decision, 15 minutes before the end of the match, has already cost Ulster the chance to go on and win the match.

Only four points when the second division striker Treadwell received a yellow card for a clear high shot at Bowles’ Kurt Lee Arends.

Treadwell was shocked by this decision, which was made after long scrutiny and the South Africans continued to take full advantage of it, and Johan Grobbelaar attempted it two minutes later.

Arnett added salt to the wound, ran home and tried to beat the Bulls 34-16 by an extra point.

“This is an absolute joke, it’s a complete joke,” Ferris told Premier Sports studio.

Kieran Treadwell hits the ball from the side and when he hits the ball, there’s a slight movement in his head.

“You could clearly see that he was on the ball and if there was something his face (Arendsay’s face) was in a shirt and there was no direct impact on his head. Nobody.

You can freeze anything you want, but real-time play for me isn’t even a penalty. Yes, a few inches higher, this is a very serious shot.

“This is something we try to avoid, but what if it’s a yellow card in the future?

“And what happened two minutes later? Moll tries, Gropillar. And for me it was a game.”

Ferris’ disappointment was echoed by former Springboks captain Bob Schinstadt, who said, “He spoiled the last 20 minutes as a spectacle.

“The well-being of the players is key, but for me it is a business role that (TMO) does not have the space to participate in.

“It’s literally cause and effect, it’s rugby and he (Treadwell) has outdone him. I don’t think it was a smart or technically sound decision.

Bulls captain Marcel Koetz scored a goal for his former team

“I’m sad because the game went by itself. It was exciting, and Ulster had just scored. I’m not happy about that.

“You can hide behind your guard and say, ‘Let’s stop every little elbow brush veering off someone’s neck. “

“You can literally play sensory rugby and hit someone with the elbow, so I don’t think we should be called up for anything like that. It’s never going to happen again. That’s fun.”

Former Ulster favorite Marcel Koetz scored four times as the Bulls wiped out a 3-9 lead in the first half in Pretoria.

Ulster suffered 17 unanswered points after the break before Luke Marshall attempted to bring them back into play.

But then Tredwell received a severe yellow card in the 66th minute, and Grobler was quickly defeated and a quick throw led to a late turn to win.

Source: Belfastlive


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