A former striker says the Irish League is now fertile ground to look for cross clubs


Diarmuid Ocarol

Former Irish League striker Diarmuid O’Carroll hopes to use his local connections to discover the Danske Bank Premier League or the gem of the Irish League.

He played assistant president for St Mirren for several Northern Ireland clubs, including Cliftonville and the Crusaders, from 2011 to 2018.

A Killarney resident says the Irish Market, regularly used by former Saints manager Jim Goodwin, will remain Paisley Club’s best hunting ground.

People like Shine Laver, Gavin White, Mark Sikes, Usain Smith and Tray Hume, who have gone from crossing Danske Bank Premier League to channel football in recent years.

IRL stars Jimmy McGrath and Conor McCarthy are examples of new IRL stars who have moved to St Mirren.

O’Carroll told Express Sport: “It’s a great transfer market because it’s a great benchmark for the league, especially the Irish League.

“In addition to the level of the English Premier League in Northern Ireland, such as Linfield, Glentoran and similar clubs.

“This is a great advantage and another way. He was previously a member of a conference association in England looking for a talented teacher.

“But now more and more people are looking at the Irish market. I have the advantage of having a personal relationship with several managers, coaches and some players.

“So, you can try to find the gems before they take a fixed shape to alert other teams about them. We will try to break into that market.”

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Source: Belfastlive


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