Alonso: “Batteries had to be recharged”


The Formula 1 will return to the ring this weekend with Belgian F1 GP and Fernando Alonso is preparing to compete this weekend in his first Grand Prix at Alpine after announcing his departure from the French team this summer. The Asturian pilot surprised everyone with his signing Aston-Martin when it was taken for granted that his renewal in the French team was a matter of a short time. He announced his farewell on his first day of vacation, thus being able to disconnect more completely during the summer during the first visit to his homeland, Oviedoand a subsequent trip to Greece on his Sunreef Yachts yacht, ending his vacation time on a track, which in Red Bull Ring in Austriain this case to join Aprilia as a luxury spectator of the MotoGP event.

He was seen enjoying his vacations a lot, but at the same time working to stay healthy. He rolled in a kart on his Museum Circuit in Asturias and was seen running on a treadmill on his yacht throughout the vacation for Greecewithout forgetting to physically prepare for the last 9 races of world. For this reason, the pilot himself decided to explain how important it is to continue working these days while managing to recharge his batteries.

“We all miss racing in August but need time to recharge our batteries. After 20 years of competing at the top of motorsport, I have learned that taking time to recover is very important, especially during a busy year,” he said in a team statement. Alpine.

“Now that we have more than 20 races a season, it’s even more important to make sure you maximize your recovery time. But it’s important to stick to an exercise routine.because when we go back to racing, it’s non-stop until December,” he added.

Also, Fernando Alonso He also had time to praise the Spa circuit, a circuit that does not know if it will continue on the F1 calendar. “I enjoy the race at Spa. It’s one of the most storied races on the calendar. We usually have interesting races there because the circuit lends itself to many overtaking opportunities.”

Source: La Verdad


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