“Provocation” – Bucha: Moscow denies massacres of civilians


Unsurprisingly, Russia denied responsibility for the massacre in the Kiev suburb of Bucha. Any image and film material published by Ukraine in this regard constitutes a provocation, the RIA news agency reported, citing the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. All Russian units left Bucha on March 30, Interfax reported.

Bucha is one of the places around Kiev that has been liberated by the Ukrainian army in recent days. Nearly 300 bodies were found there after the Russian withdrawal, authorities said.

Reporter: Countless dead wore civilian clothes
Reporters from the AFP news agency reported that many of the dead were wearing civilian clothes. They saw at least 20 bodies on a single street in Bucha. At least one of the dead had his hands tied.

“This is genocide. The destruction of a nation and its people,” Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said, demanding US broadcaster CBS “punish all those responsible, including commanders.”

Ukraine calls for more sanctions against Russia
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba spoke of a “deliberate massacre” and called for further sanctions. “The Russians want to destroy as many Ukrainians as possible,” he wrote on Twitter.

“All these people were shot,” Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk said. “They killed her with a shot in the back of the head.” There were cars on the street in which “whole families were murdered: children, women, grandmothers, men”. According to the mayor, 280 people in Bucha had to be buried in mass graves because the three city cemeteries were still within reach of the Russian army.

“A Series of Blatant War Crimes”
According to the human rights organization “Human Rights Watch” (HRW), a number of “clear war crimes” by Russian forces have been documented – in addition to Kiev, they have also been committed in the Chernihiv regions in the north and in Kharkov in the east of the country. Ukrainian photographer and documentary filmmaker Maksim Levin was among the civilians killed near Kiev.

Call for gas embargo against Russia
The massacre in the Kiev suburb of Bucha has also sparked calls for a gas embargo on Russia. “There must be a response. Such crimes must not go unanswered,” German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht told ARD on Sunday. EU Council President Charles Michel announced new sanctions.

Similar crimes in other places?
Apparently, similar crimes may have been committed in other places in the metropolitan region. Ukraine’s Attorney General Iryna Venedyktova said on Sunday that 410 bodies had been found at sites around Kiev. Many crimes have been committed and are still being committed.

Source: Krone


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