MFG in third place – Lower Austria: ÖVP brought the absolute back in Leitzersdorf


In Sunday’s municipal elections in Leitzersdorf (Korneuburg district), the ÖVP won an absolute majority for the first time since 1995. According to the preliminary final results, the party with mayor Sabine Hopf rose by about five percentage points to 50.81 percent and received ten (plus one) of the 19 mandates. The citizens’ initiative of the larger municipality of Leitzersdorf lost from 41.71 to 32.36 percent and got six (minus two) seats. MFG, SPÖ and FPÖ each received one mandate.

The vaccine-skeptical list MFG came in third at 6.69 percent when it first appeared. The Social Democrats increased their vote slightly to 5.29 percent and overtook the Liberals, who fell from 7.49 to 4.85 percent. On Sunday, 1,085 people were allowed to vote. The turnout fell slightly to 86.27 percent.

The city council had no quorum
Most recently, Leitzersdorf was elected in the regular municipal elections in Lower Austria on January 26, 2020. The re-vote became necessary as the citizens’ initiative under chairman Franz Schöber resigned its eight mandates in November 2021. As a result, the City Council no longer had a quorum. The move was justified by a lack of cooperation with the ÖVP, which the citizens’ initiative criticized. The ÖVP Leitzersdorf described the result in a broadcast on Sunday as a “clear result for the future”.

Source: Krone


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