A Girona with good intentions


Good game for Girona to continue to get the rhythm of Girona against Napoli in the Champions League. Míchel’s men proved to have a clear idea of ​​the game and continued to prepare for the start of the league.

Although the result dictated otherwise, the Girona team defended strongly against the numbers the Italians had on the pitch. Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia and Lozano They were tireless in the minutes they played, repeatedly testing the five chosen to protect the goal Juan Carlos. Politano didn’t do much, having to retire in the 20th minute of the match.

The rojiblancos found themselves well-positioned rivals, rocky and companions pressure up. The intention did not change for the visitors who insisted on continuing to practice their style of play. Team first come out from behind know that the pressure from Napoli will be high as he shows in his other preseason games.

So, a Girona with great intentions set out to play the ball from the back, always looking for collective play and numerical superiority by getting the ball out. So much so that in two instances can be expensive when Juan Carlos, from his place, wanted to play with the central defenders, which eventually led to two chances for the Italians that, fortunately for the Gironí club, did not end in greater evil.

In the post and on his own, Girona has his own can opener. All plays that reached the three-quarter field zone went into jeopardy and ended, except for a couple that could not be completed. Rodrigo Riquelme, which debuted after his signing last Monday.

Girona are very clear about what they want to play. And Michel too. After leaving the break the team began to change the dynamics of the match. With the same intentions and the same working formula as in the first half, they beat Napoli in actions and for most of the second half.

There is a lot to do with the entry of Samu Saiz. When the ball went through his boots, the set of Spalletti suffered. The company of Míchel’s men went even further, to the point of enjoying three times almost in a row and all of them with Samu’s permission. He attended wonderfully and from the first to Daddy Castellanos with a pass that broke through the defensive line and left the Argentine alone to comb the skin under the net. Girona’s first signing made another splash in his second game after scoring against Andorra in the last match the Girona team played.

When we saw the best version of the Catalan team, the Italian coach changed the team like a sock, replacing ten of the eleven players who were in green. It was the most painful in Girona, which, logically, minutes and strength, succeeded last 20 minutes.

That was the key moment for Napoli, who knew how to take advantage of theirs freshness to get back in front on the scoreboard with Petagna leading and who, just three minutes later, converted more than a dubious penalty caused by Couto which Kvaratskhelia converted from eleven meters.

The match ended 3-1 which does not even reflect the reality of the match. In front of the Italians, a Girona that continues to prepare and leaves good feelings in the game even if the scoreboard did not show it at the end of the match. Only Míchel’s is missing a pinch of luck The intentions and good feelings have been there since day one and, from now on, it just needs to be accompanied by an email favor.

Source: La Verdad


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