Parents Fight On – Archie: Defeat In Human Rights Court


In the UK, parents are fighting for the life of their son, who has been in a coma since April. The treating doctors want to end the life-prolonging measures because they would only prolong death. After the Supreme Court declared on Tuesday evening that it had found no errors in previous rulings, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) decided on Wednesday not to issue a ban.

He doesn’t want to get involved in the case of the terminally ill Archie from Great Britain. The president of the ECtHR therefore decided on Wednesday not to issue the requested ban, the court announced in the evening. The devices that keep the child alive at a London hospital were originally scheduled to shut down on Wednesday. A few hours earlier, the family’s lawyers had submitted a request to the ECtHR in Strasbourg. One hopes and prays for a positive decision from the court, according to Archie’s mother. “We won’t give up Archie to the bitter end.”

Failed in all courts
Before the ECtHR rejected the request, the parents had already failed in all lawsuits. The British Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a request for an extension of life support. According to the judges, there was no prospect of a real recovery. The life-prolonging measures would only prolong dying.

Twelve-year-old Archie suffered serious brain injuries in an accident at home in April. He may have contracted it during an internet test of courage. The case is reminiscent of similar disputes over terminally ill children in Britain. The British Secret Service is under severe financial pressure and therefore tends to end life support much earlier than in other Central European countries.

In addition, less account is taken of the wishes of parents and other family members. What is best for the patient is often determined by judges, who in turn rely on recommendations from medical staff.

Source: Krone


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