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La Real continues to promote digitization and now offers the opportunity for members to hand in their club card. This initiative will be implemented from August 21 and only in League and Cup matches. The intention is “hardly any free seats” at Anoeta. Until now, the card could be offered to a friend or family member, but society has evolved and with it technology. In the event that the seat is sold for a particular match, 40% of the price goes to the subscriber, the other 40% to the club and finally, the remaining 20% ​​​​​​for management costs.

MD partners support the movement that will launch Real. They agree that the decision is right and agree to have another alternative to occupy their seat.

The Donostiarra Eneko Garcia from Eulate He thinks that the decision that the field has as few free seats as possible “is necessary for the club to achieve the maximum profit.” In addition, he believes that giving the club a card is a good idea “so that more people can get on the field.”

the donostiarra lourdes fernandez He is also satisfied with the decision made. “I think when more people come to Anoeta, it will be beneficial for the entity and the players. Support for Real is important”.

In Europe too

The move will not take place in European matches, but the partners believe it is a good initiative. the errentiarra Rafa Iban He added that “I will do this for all matches so that other fans can enjoy the experience in Europe. Anoeta must be complete in all competitions, not just in the League and Cup”.

Also, Javier Channels He is from San Sebastian who lives in Pamplona and states that “I go to all the matches played in Anoeta and I travel several kilometers back and forth. It would be a good option to extend it to Europe, why not? Some of us live far away and we don’t know whether we will be able to attend a certain meeting or not”.

Total security at Anoeta

The partners do not want the Real stadium to be the next one where an ‘attack’ took place like last season at the Camp Nou between Barcelona and Frankfurt. elizondoarra William Quertier indicates that “I don’t want Athletic fans to occupy half the seats in the stadium. I understand that we are more loyal than Barcelona and I highly doubt that will happen here”.

the errentiarra Joaquin San Sebastián He pointed out that “I am very sure that this is something specific and not very normal. In Anoeta I think that something like the Camp Nou will not happen because it will be different. Here we are a family and I think that the Real will check everything perfectly.

the bergaratarra Maitane Aranzabal He added that “I can’t imagine that. It would be a shame if the opposite effect was achieved. We will not do that in the opponent’s stadium. It will tarnish the image of the club”

Source: La Verdad


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