Neymar and Messi are excited at PSG


Neymar and Messi are excited at PSG

The PSG The league started off on the right foot, excited about the change of stage. More serious than a few months ago, before the Clermont This gave the feeling that in addition to being creative, the locker room was also more supportive. Nothing better demonstrates this idea than Neymar, engaged in defensive duties. The Brazilian, always pointing out that things have gone wrong in the past, wants to leave bad memories behind and sign an impressive season from start to finish.

His goal last night and the three assists he distributed indicate that he will not only prepare for the final stage of the Champions. He also wants to star in seemingly less glamorous battles such as Clermont. Also Messi, who started his second year at PSG on a high. After winning the Super Cup a few days ago, the Argentine scored another two goals in his league debut, the latter from Chile.

It is no coincidence that L’Équipe, which was so strong in its criticism of these two players, is now more balanced in its assessment: “When it develops at this level, Neymar He is an outstanding footballer. It’s a pleasure,” said the French newspaper this morning, also praising Leo’s role: “He has returned sensations in recent weeks. What a change from the person he was last year! There is still a long way to go, but the PSG of Galtier shows a hunger for input.

Source: La Verdad


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