Lewandowski: “I heard the cry of ‘Hala Madrid!’ and I laughed”


Robert Lewandowski He lived the last week full of intense emotions. Last Monday and Tuesday, when he returned from the Barça tour of the United States, he traveled to Munich to inform directors, technicians and players of Bayern, signed a peace deal with the German club after weeks of tension over his departure from Barça. On Friday he was presented at Camp Nou in front of around 57,000 loyal fans and on Sunday he scored his first goal as a Barça player against Cougars in a Gamper where he won the Estrella Damm Trophy for Best Player. In between the two Spotify events, he gave an interview to German media outlet Sport1 where he confessed his feelings.

“It’s a new feeling for me. I need this change, this move to another country, to another club. I’m like a child with a new toy,” he said, admitting about the performance that “I didn’t expect which is so. many fans. had more or less than other players that Barça has shown before as Ronaldinho either Ibrahimović. That’s another time, anyway. It’s great when you experience so much support firsthand. It’s something that lasts forever.”

Instead, the reaction of the followers of Bayern was less affectionate last Tuesday as he left the Bavarian club’s Sports City facilities in his car after his farewell, with some, not many, shouts of ‘Go to Madrid!‘ of those present: “Yes, I heard that, and I laughed. But some also shouted my name. It was really nice. In the last few weeks I also met some fans on the street who expressed their understanding for me .situation and they wish me all the best”.

Regarding Real Madrid, he came up with a few words from his former agent, mike barthelin reference to her alleged desire to wear white almost a decade ago: “I haven’t had any contact with her for about five years. One’s thoughts and desires can also change in at that time. There were conversations with those real Madrid, but nothing came out. I always want to play in LaLiga, that’s clear to me. And when he Barcelona knocked on the door this time, Barça was the only option for me. There are other offers, but I’m not interested.”

He understood that fans were upset by his forceful nature with some statements declaring that he wanted to leave. He justified his ways: “I know I hurt many fans. I understand it and I’m just now apologizing for it. At that time it was important and necessary for me to clarify that I’m ready for a change. At the end of the day, we are all human. After twelve years in Germany, it was clear to me: it was over. I wanted to make that clear, because of course it wasn’t easy for him. Bayern receive sales at this stage. It’s a difficult situation for everyone involved and we need to find the best solution.”

On his farewell to Bayern, he said “I felt strange going to the training camp for the last time. The club and the city mean a lot to me, my two daughters were born in Munich and we said goodbye to everyone at Sports City and the nursery. There are no two opinions about my sporting stage at FC Bayern. What we have put together as a team for eight years, no one can or will take away from us. When I think of the five goals against Wolfsburg, the 41 goals in the Bundesliga or the sextet with Hansi Flick, those are great moments.”

He revealed that he said goodbye to Uli Hoensvery critical of him and his representative during that process: “It is what it is. We made history together and I always gave one hundred percent. There was never a day that I relaxed. Those responsible also know. Mutual gratitude, mutual. respect : This is how we stayed. FC Bayern will always be in my heart. In the end, only good things. We exchanged friendly words, shook hands. In the end, the positive outweigh the negative. I talked to everyone again: Hasan Salihamidzic, Oliver Kahn, and also Uli Hoenes. He told me that he always had an open ear for me and that I could always call him if I needed anything. That’s great, he’s a great personality and I’m grateful to him, but also to all the other people on the board. For me, it’s important that nothing negative remains in the farewell.”

He denied that one of his incentives to play for Barça was that he was closer to winning the golden ball: “I’ve always said that the success of your team drives you towards those awards. But that’s not why I wanted to go to Spain. Some of what is written was not true.” In that sense, his former teammate Coman asked for the Ballon d’Or for Benzema: “Yes, I realize that. But of course, king he had to say that because he was still playing Benzema to choose (laughs). Seriously: I look out for myself and my team, not others. Of course, you expect games like the Clásico and Benzema is a good striker, but in the end it’s about winning trophies with Barça. Everything else is irrelevant.”

In his absence, music He has already scored three goals at Bayern: “Bambi is a special talent, like Pedri, Gavi or Ansu Fati at Barca. It is impressive how quickly he has matured and adapted to Bayern’s level, but also how much he continues to work on himself and wants to learn more. That was impressive, as was his dribbling with his long legs. I’m sure it will be even better. A bright future awaits you. Time is on your side. That I will be 34 years old? That’s just a number. I feel like I’m in good shape and I’m ready to attack. I won him all Bayernnow I want to win everything at Barça too”.

Finally, he remembered his father, who passed away in 2005: “Dad would be very proud and satisfied. He always told me when I was young that he believed that one day I would reach the highest level. This gave me a lot of motivation and hope to achieve my goals.” I miss him and I’m sad that he can’t live it all, either Dortmund, Munich or now in Barcelona. But I’m sure he’s sitting in the front row, looking at me with pride.”

Source: La Verdad


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