Provisional list of numbers: nobody takes Guedes’ ‘7’


the extreme Samu Castillejo Y Samuel Linothe only two signing of Valencia so far for the next campaign, they have chosen the numbers ’11’ and ’16’ respectively in the provisional list made public by the Mestalla club this Wednesday.

The club has to update this list as soon as the summer transfer window ends, a final phase where arrivals are still expected, some departures may occur as well as certain promotion to the first team.

Mamardashvili continues at ’28’

This may be the case with the Georgian goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashvilithat the club has not yet officially registered as a first-team player although it plans to do so and that, for now, continues with the number ’28’ with which he debuted last season.

Castillo inherits the ’11’ he wore last season Helder Costa while in the case of ’16’ of Linen this is Alex White who took it in the first section of the previous season. Hugh Hard, who played last season on loan from Getafe and whose property the club acquires at the end of the course, shall retain ’19’.

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For the rest, the remaining novelties are due to returns. The goalkeeper Christian Rivero He chose on his return to the first team the number ’13’ which was released by the Dutchman Jasper Cillessen after his recent departure from the club. It also goes back to the template Manuel Vallejowho recovered the ’21’ he had ‘given’ Bryan Gil in the past winter market, when the former left the club and the latter arrived on loan.

Guedes’ ‘7’ remains vacant

For now, the ‘7’ worn by the newly transferred player Goncalo Guedes remains blank, like ’15’ of Omar Alderetethe ’17’ of Denis Cheryshevthe ’23’ of Ilaix Moriba and the ’25’, which had no owner in the last episode of the previous season.

In addition to Mamardashvili, there are five other players who do not officially belong to the first team but whose number, which should be higher than the number ’25’, has been announced by the club. Is about Fran Perezwhich will bear ’29’, Jesus Vazquezwhich will have ’32’, Christian Mosquerawhich will bear ’33’, yellowwho will wear ’35’ and James who opted for ’41’.

This is the complete list of Valencia’s provisional numbers five days before the start of the League: 1. Jaume Domenechtwo. Correia3. side4. mush5. Gabriel Paulista6. Guillamon8. Racic9. Maxi Gomez10. Carlos SolerEleven. Castillo12. Diakhaby13. Rivero14. Like that16. Linen18. koba lein19. Hugo Hard. twenty. Foulquier. twenty-one. Manuel Vallejo. 22. Marcos Andre. 24. Commerce28. Mamardashvili29. Fran Perez. 33.- Christian Mosquera. 35. yellow41. James.

Source: La Verdad


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