Google will modify its search engine to demote ‘clickbait’ content to lower positions


The new ranking avoids displaying content that “seems to be primarily made to rank well in search engines” in top positions to make it easier to find quality, original reviews in shopping searches.

Euskaraz irakurri: Googlek bere bilatzailea moldatuko du, ‘clickbait’ edukia beheko postuetara bazter dezan

google has announced that it will changes in the browser with the goal of prioritizing relevant, informative and useful content for the user over content that focuses more on strategies to attract clicks.

The technology company is going to adjust the ranking in which they are displayed with the relevant content for the user in the search engine, with the aim of highlighting the information that can help the user in starting a search.

In particular the new arrangement prevents display in leading positions content that is not original or quality, i.e. content that “seems to be created primarily to rank well in search engines,” as it states on its blog. This type of content is popularly known as: ‘click bait’.

This change will be rolled out for the first time next week for English users around the world. The company will accompany this ranking with an update that will allow you to find original and quality ratings in purchase searches.

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