The DGT will install 270 new radars in Spain: these are the areas where it will be fined


The agency plans to invest 17.5 million euros for the installation of these surveillance mechanisms on Spanish roads

The Directorate General for Traffic (DGT) plans to install
270 new radars in different parts of Spain. Theirs,
90 they will be stretched,
60 will be resolved, and
120 cabin. To help them on their way, there will be a
investment of 17.5 million eurosas published in the Government Gazette (BOE).

These radars are added to the
1,325 monitoring mechanisms (780 fixed and 92 section) that the agency already had and which are distributed on the Spanish roads.

These new 300 radars will be placed in different parts of Spain. On the one hand, it is expected that the
80% installed on conventional roads. The
The remaining 20% ​​will be distributed over highways and expressways.

The aim is to check whether drivers comply with the new rules of the traffic law and, consequently, to reduce and verify road accidents in the country. «The implementation of these systems will make it possible to expand the scope of speed control and
continue to improve securitysaid the DGT.

In addition, the contract is divided into two lots.
These are the areas where the radars will be placed:

The technical specifications of the contract indicate that each of these lots will involve the contracting company providing 60 instantaneous fixed-speed radars and 90 medium-speed cinemometers in each section.

The radars that exist on the Spanish territory are unevenly distributed. Currently,
Madrid It is the province with the most surveillance systems. follow him
Seville, Balearic Islands and Alicante. On the contrary,
Soria, Avila and Santa Cruz de Tenerife They are the ones with the fewest radars.

Source: La Verdad


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