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Technology: The new Nissan X-Trail breaks with the established order after 20 years of family adventures

Since its launch in 2002, nearly seven million units of the X-Trail have been sold worldwide, making it one of the best-selling SUVs. This new launch is part of Nissan’s electrified product offensive with the European premiere of the fourth and new generation X-Trail.

For this new X-Trail, Nissan has built on the DNA of its predecessors and brought it to a new, more premium design standard, with a robust yet refined image and with the versatility and performance of all-wheel drive. . The new X-Trail will be available with five and seven seats and offers the version that best suits the customer.

At the heart of the new X-Trail is Nissan’s unique e-Power system, which is highly responsive as the drive wheels are driven solely by an electric motor, so response is instant, linear and exceptionally smooth.

The Alliance’s new CMF-C platform makes the new X-Trail a benchmark for advanced engineering, innovation and advanced technology, raising the bar once again in the crossover segment. Adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the dynamic performance and advanced technologies of the new generation Nissan X-Trail.

The X-Trail’s appeal over the previous three generations is based on its unmistakable styling, which conveys a sense of sturdiness and robustness without being aggressive. Now the lines of the exterior and interior design take the model’s sense of quality to a new level.

Both the exterior and interior of the new X-Trail reflect the spirit of the vehicle: versatile and adventurous, yet refined. The exterior is accentuated by signature Nissan design cues such as the floating roof and V-motion grille. The look of the front is dominated by distinctive headlamps that appear to be molded into the front bumper, with a combination of daytime running lights and indicators in the hood line.

From the side, the muscular wheel arches at the front and rear of the X-Trail give an imposing presence on the road. A coating on the underside of the doors gives fluidity to the lower surface of the doors.

The C-pillar design resembles a dolphin’s fin and adds dynamic tension, coupled with the elongated taillights to give the new X-Trail a unique character. At the rear, a horizontal line sits just above the license plate, while split taillights provide a wide trunk opening.

Meanwhile, a chrome panel curves under the rear bumper to enhance the X-Trail’s adventurous character.

The new X-Trail will be the second model in Nissan’s European range to be equipped with Nissan’s innovative e-Power system, which enables 100% plug-free electric driving.

The new X-Trail’s e-Power system consists of a powerful battery, which is complemented by a variable compression petrol engine, a power generator, an inverter and a 150 kW front electric motor.

The uniqueness of the e-Power system is that the petrol engine is only used to generate electricity, while the wheels are driven solely by the electric motor. This means that the combustion engine can always run within the optimum range, resulting in lower fuel consumption in urban environments.

The electric motor is the sole source of traction for the wheels, so response is instantaneous and linear, identical to any electric vehicle in the Nissan range. The instant response provides an exhilarating feeling of high torque and smooth acceleration, making it easy to overtake or merge on the highway with more confidence. Thanks to the electric motor, there are no delays as with an internal combustion engine or a conventional hybrid.

One of the key features that distinguish the e-Power technology is ‘linear tuning’, which regulates the operation of the petrol engine and ensures that it rotates at an appropriate speed in relation to the vehicle speed, creating the effect of ‘idle acceleration’. ‘ of conventional hybrids under hard acceleration. Another advantage is the efficiency of e-Power, which ensures that the engine only runs at the speed it needs, which is often low in urban and suburban conditions.

In addition, the e-Power drive system also ensures silent driving: for example, at 40 km/h, the noise of the car is reduced by 8 dB compared to its competitors.

Since 70% of driving time is spent in suburban areas, Nissan has developed a new one-pedal driving experience, the e-Pedal Step.

The e-Pedal Step is designed to eliminate the repetitive stress of city driving, where the driver often moves their foot between the accelerator pedal and the brake.

The system must first be activated via the switch on the center console and once connected, the throttle triggers acceleration as normal. When you let off the throttle, the e-Pedal Step slows the X-Trail down to 0.2G, enough to turn on the brake lights, and slows down to creep speed, not a full stop. This ensures that low-speed driving is as smooth as possible.

Drivers will quickly adjust their throttle maneuvers to maintain a smooth ride, making city driving more intuitive and less demanding.

The interior of the new Nissan X-Trail sets new benchmarks in the segment in terms of quality, performance, atmosphere and ease of use. Nissan Intelligent Mobility’s advanced technologies are within the driver’s reach, with comfort and quality in every detail. High-quality materials, smart technologies and thoughtful details create a cab that offers advanced design and ease of use in every dimension. Great attention has been paid to the ergonomic and tactile quality of the controls and buttons to give them a high quality of perception and precision.

Source: La Verdad


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