Smart helmets, the ideal solution for bicycles, scooters and other VMPs


A new law on traffic, vehicle traffic and road safety has recently entered into force with relevant regulatory changes that pose a very specific threat to drivers of personal rolling stock vehicles (VMPs) such as scooters, as they are now compelled to: Always use a treadmill.

Most of the accidents that affect VMPs are falling on the road and colliding with other vehicles, so the most common and dangerous injuries occur to the heads of its users. In particular, in Spain in the last three years 1300 accidents occurred with electric scooter injuries and 16 people died in them. This is undoubtedly the main reason for the new mandatory use of the helmet on the scooter.

The Spanish firm Livall, founded in 2014, has been working for some time to anticipate this modification of the traffic law. The technology embedded in its smart helmets seeks to respond to every innovation introduced in the standard, ranging from general and essential, to raising the level of safety for drivers.

Unlike traditional helmets, which offer passive protection to help the owner in the event of a hit, smart helmets anticipate an accident to save a life. This is achieved thanks to the SOS system, which is activated when the helmet motion sensor detects whether the driver has fallen and whether it is immobile. At this time the device automatically sends a distress signal to the emergency contacts set by the user, except for the exact GPS location of the scene.

Mandatory helmet poses a big dilemma for companies share. If a helmet is now a must for any scooter user, what about rented VMPs? Do you have to have a built-in helmet that anyone can use? And the most difficult: how to properly integrate a helmet into the structure of a scooter with dozens of daily uses, without the risk of theft or damage?

Thinking about the reality of this sector, Livall has developed the Smart Case, a kind of anti-theft case for a helmet integrated into the front of the scooter. The prototype Smart Case has a mast attachment system for hanging clothes and items such as backpacks or purses. In addition, it is waterproof and works by remote opening via a mobile app.

The idea is that when someone wants to use a scooter, he can open the compartment using it Applications When renting a car. All you have to do is pick up the helmet, put it on while traveling and pack it again when you get to your destination so that even the next scooter user can use it.

Manu Marini, CEO of the firm based in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid), emphasizes that its technological solutions are focused on safety and prevention; Hence their Smart helmets Combines acceleration and gravity sensors, SOS system, LED lights, stereo speakers, windshield microphone, Bluetooth connection and remote control, as well as high quality materials.

Protected from distraction

All of these improvements over traditional helmets make sense given the latest regulatory changes. For example, from the beginning of the year, electric scooters are considered only as a means of transportation and are therefore subject to the same laws as car or motorcycle drivers. And because they are considered drivers for all purposes, the people who use them may not be able to wear headphones. The same ban applies to bicycles that prevent cyclists from being able to use invasive audio devices.

The Livall helmet has a windproof microphone and a non-invasive speaker that leaves the ear free and does not alienate the customer from the environment. The sound comes out above the ear, which also allows you to hear the possible approach of the car. Its Bluetooth stereo speakers and mobile connection allow you to use voice navigation and listen to radio, music or PodcastIn addition to answering calls by pressing a button on the handle, without running.

The new law also stipulates that in order to overtake a bicycle or moped, cars must now do so by fully occupying an adjacent lane on roads that have two or more lanes in each direction. On single-lane roads they will have to maintain a minimum lateral separation of 1.5 meters, otherwise they will lose six points.

The smart helmet makes the rider more visible through an LED lighting system that includes white position lights, brake lights that are automatically activated thanks to a motion sensor, and flickering lights that indicate the direction the rider is going while riding. Select the appropriate. Controls on the handle.

Finally, in order to avoid the use of mobile phones on both scooters and bicycles – which, like any driver, entails a fine of 200 euros and a loss of six points, the user of a helmet with these characteristics learns through his Bluetooth. Speaker All motion and weather announcements, voice navigation instructions, and messages that you have pre-installed without removing the phone from your pocket and running the steering wheel will severely damage your stability.

Source: El Diario


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