Sustainable mobility has a new name, Gougo


Sustainable mobility has a new name, Gougo

Future: The innovative brand will multiply the options available, making it easier for everyone to choose how they want to move

Move quickly, comfortably and easily. That is what society demands in terms of mobility and that is essentially what is offered by a brand ready to change the rules of the game. Gougo is born adapted to the new times, anticipating some of the trends that will mark the future and thus contribute to more sustainable urban models.

Gougo will multiply the options available to citizens today to make it easier for them to choose the one that best suits their reality, because mobility needs are not the same every day or every hour.

This is where rental and pay-per-use services come in, providing the necessary independence. But since Gougo arrives with the vocation to serve all profiles, it also has solutions for those who prefer a medium or long-term format, more similar to the usual.

In addition to this flexibility, the first key to the service, the second key is that it is a 100% digital brand. The possibilities of new technologies are put at the service of users. These become the protagonists and manage every part of the process – purchase, sale, rental, maintenance…- directly via their mobile phone, without intermediaries. No travel or waiting times.

That is why it has a team of professionals specialized in customer service, to resolve any questions and doubts, to guide them at any point in the process or so that whoever wishes can carry out their procedures personally and personally.

The offices of Gougo de Murcia also become a meeting place where you can talk, ask questions, see and touch before making a decision.

Gougo’s third key is sustainability. Because the mobility of the present must respect the environment and guarantee the future of our planet. Electric vehicles therefore occupy a privileged place in the available range.

To take its first steps, Gougo has chosen the region of Murcia and it is currently doing so with three lines: a motosharing or electric motorcycle rental, an online marketplace for used car sales, bicycles and electric motorcycles, and a showroom with the physical exhibition of a sample of that offer.

Gougo Motosharing is a shared electric motorcycle service available for rent. Among the many advantages it offers users, the agility offered by moving around on a motorcycle, avoiding traffic jams and having no parking problems, stands out. Added to that is the ability to do it in a non-polluting, fully electric vehicle.

Rentals are by the minute, depending on what each person needs, and everything is managed directly from an ‘app’, adapted for Android and iOS. Gougo Motosharing also has a website that explains all the details:

For the implementation in Murcia of this service, present in the main European cities, the Municipal Council of Murcia participated through a cooperation agreement. Fitting perfectly into the urban physiognomy and everyday life of the city, the service will initially allow 150 motorcycles, operational 365 days a year, to approach the city’s neighborhoods with a vocation to grow.

Gougo Marketplace is a new website for buying and selling used vehicles that will be available at the end of September. Through the platform it will be possible to carry out all procedures without having to travel, with the time savings that this entails.

The website will present a wide variety of used vehicles which, through an intuitive search engine, will show the most suitable offer for the needs of each user, with quality photos and descriptions down to the smallest detail, for the best user experience.

In the event of a purchase, the customer can decide where to receive his car, as Gougo professionals will take it to the collection point indicated by the user, which is a 100% delivery service.

This ‘online’ space also has the ability to easily sell the buyer’s old vehicle, either directly or as part of the purchase operation.

In addition, it offers various models of conventional and electric mountain bikes, road bikes or city bikes.

The Gougo Showroom facilities are located at number 19 of Ronda de Levante, in Murcia, and are a meeting place for anyone who wants to visit them. Gougo services are managed in it and you can find an exhibition of used vehicles with the opportunity to try them on before buying, and from there you can access a “stock” of more than a thousand available units, as well as motorcycles and electric bicycles. All this with professional advice, not only to identify the best mobility option, but also to contract other related services, financing, insurance, etc.

Mobility evolves in society, and in Murcia Gougo is the solution. The team of professionals, with extensive training and experience, is on a mission to guide the client through the selection process until they find what they need. Undoubtedly a challenge that wants to serve the citizens of Murcia.

Source: La Verdad


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