The cities where it costs the most to pay the municipal tow truck when you take your car


The Traffic and Road Safety Act states that vehicles can be removed from public roads by the municipality if they pose a danger, cause traffic nuisance or are parked incorrectly. In addition, the safekeeping of the vehicle
at municipal offices until owner revocation adds an additional penalty in many other cities by applying much of the full day deposit rates.

But the municipalities can find in this withdrawal and deposit interest “an easy way to increase the collection, making it a disguised sanction,” according to the OCU Consumers’ Association.

The differences in the price to be paid for the towing service if our car is taken away
can go up to 300% between 54 major cities, including the provincial capitals, plus Ceuta, Melilla, Gijón and Vigo.

The municipal towage service and 25 hours of storage cost on average 117 euros in Spain, but in Zaragoza, Barcelona and Madrid they are more than 185 euros, in contrast to the price that is below 65 euros in Huelva, Ávila and Melilla, the cheapest cities. paid .

According to reports from the OCU, private parking garages must pay only for the actual time of service,
47 out of 54 municipal deposits analyzed bill for whole days, artificially increasing the bill for this service: for example 46 euros in Soria or 56 euros in A Coruña.

The most expensive cities are
Zaragoza (205 euros), Barcelona (198) and Madrid (186)followed by withdrawal percentage plus 25 hours deposit, Valencia (171), Vitoria (166), Toledo (160), San Sebastián (160), Logroño (159), A Coruña (155) and Lleida (154, two).

On the other hand, the ten cheapest are Melilla (51), Ávila (55), Huelva (65), Ciudad Real (69), Badajoz (69), Guadalajara (80), León (82), Ourense (82), Zamora (83) and Cuenca (83).

If the municipal tow truck takes our car, we must act as soon as possible because every hour the car goes by
at the municipal warehouse the tap will increase the amount to be paid.

The first thing to do is locate where they were taken. In some cases, the operator will leave a sticker on the ground, sign or nearest wall, showing the security deposit your vehicle went to, the license plate number and a phone number. If this does not happen, it is best to call the telephone number of the municipal information.

if we provide the registration number They tell us what deposit the car is in, the amount we have to pay for the pick-up and the price per hour of parking. They will also indicate the documentation that we must necessarily show in order to proceed with its withdrawal. If it is a private vehicle, our ID or driver’s license will suffice if the car is in our name, and if it’s someone else’s, we also need a photocopy of the owner’s ID and an authorization signed by him . If it is a company car, we need the original deeds, a lawyer’s authorization and a photocopy of the DNI.

Once you have arrived at the deposit and you are allowed to see your car, it is advisable to check its condition to report any damage during the handover. If yes, please write it down
a written complaint and take photos as proof and then claim the repair of this from the municipal office.

If you arrive at the car before the tow truck takes the vehicle In these cases, the process and costs,
it’s much more bearable in some cases, the price of the fare (in this case called the interruption fare) is half and in other cases it does not incur any costs (except perhaps the fine for incorrect parking).

Source: La Verdad


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