The damage that a flood can cause to the car


The Canary Islands, the Region of Murcia, Valencia and Alicante are the areas most affected by the intensity of the rain that has fallen in recent hours. After the summer, temperatures have dropped dramatically and forecasts warn that in the near future
storms can occur againresulting in floods and floods such as we have seen in recent days.

Power outages and flooding are some of the consequences. That is why many cars have been affected, either because they were submerged in flooded parking lots or directly because they were swept away by the force of the current.

At first we don’t have to worry if the level has reached about half the wheels. In this case, the car can start, but there is a good chance that we will have to replace the catalytic converter – on average 600 euros. Another possibility is:
prevent water from entering the engine air intake. If water gets into the cylinders, it can bend a connecting rod. With a petrol engine, this failure is less likely than with a diesel, because the ignition system usually fails sooner, causing the engine to stall. The breakdown can cost from 400 euros -to replace an ignition system- to more than 3,000 euros, so it would be necessary to replace the entire engine.

If water gets into the car, the trim, trim and control knobs will need to be replaced, as well as any insulation and fasteners that carry these elements, as simply letting them dry is of no use. The budget can exceed 3,000 euros.

If the water has exceeded half the height of the car, we should not try to start it. The mechanics can
try to save the booster, for which it must be disassembled, dried and the mud removed. On models older than 10 years, water can also get into the gearbox through the vents they have, so it must be disassembled and cleaned. The budget can exceed 2,000 euros.

If the water has completely covered the car, the situation may be irreversible as the water and mud have reached every corner of it. It would be necessary to completely disassemble, dry and clean each of its parts, in addition to replacing others. The repair can cost more than a new car.

In an underwater car, opening the doors is an almost impossible mission, due to the pressure the water puts on them. Although the chances of getting trapped in a sunken car are not excessive, it is advisable to take into account a series of recommendations so that we can get out of it as easily as possible if the need arises.

If we can’t open the doors, the best option is the window. In the event that it cannot be opened, either because the mechanism is damaged or because the car is already
have no powerit is best to smash the glass – never the windshield, as the coating prevents holes from entering – with a metal hammer or other blunt object.

At that point, the water will most likely come in with great force, so it’s a good idea to fasten the seat belt to the end. We will only be able to open the door quite easily if the car is completely submerged, so during this time we should try to keep calm and take a deep breath to take advantage of the air while we have it, according to Autocasi√≥n’s recommendations. If the car is swept away by the force of the water, we can try to get out through the window on the other side of the current.

Once outside we will try to swim with the current, but set our course
to the nearest coast.

In public transport vehicles, such as buses or subways, small hammers are located on the sides next to the windows. They are specially designed to easily break glass in the event of an accident and facilitate an emergency evacuation.

A part of the car can perform a similar function in the event of an accident. These are the spark plugs, the element that allows gasoline cars to start – not diesel cars, which work by compression. To use it as an emergency aid, the fundamental part is the central insulating ceramic coating. Thanks to its greater density, it is very easy to break a glass in an emergency, both by throwing it at it and by scratching the glass itself. Although it is unlikely that in the car
we have a spark plug at hand, before the forecast of heavy rainfall, it is recommended to be proactive and bring a similar object with you in case needed. One option is to use the metal part of the headrest.

Source: La Verdad


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