This is the first vehicle to replace solar-powered bicycles


The Barcelona City Council bicycle rental service launches the first solar-powered replacement bicycle vehicle, using photovoltaic panels installed on the trailer cover.

It is a new prototype developed by the company Azimut360 SCCL, which will be tested for six months.
Their performance will be studied. and its efficiency and feasibility to equip the entire replacement vehicle fleet with this technology will be assessed.

With an average autonomy of between 70 and 90 kilometers depending on the route they take, the integration of solar panels in these auxiliary vehicles would make Bicing’s bike rental even more sustainable, as
would reduce power consumptionand give vehicles more autonomy. Similar in appearance to current electric models responsible for topping up bicycles at charging stations, this vehicle features solar panels on the trailer cover that charge when the vehicle is outside, whether in motion or stationary. In particular, it has five photovoltaic modules of 365 W each, connected to the vehicle’s battery.

For this experience there will be
a total of 30 vehicles replacement of bicycles, with associated trailers. This improvement would add to the benefits already provided by the new management tool that Bicing works with, artificial intelligence software that makes it possible to know the best time to transport bicycles from one station to another and avoid unnecessary trips. to prevent.

Source: La Verdad


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