Meloni guarantees Zelensky the continuity of Italy’s support


Ukrainian president invites right-wing leader to his country, who is called to become prime minister after her election victory

Nine days after her election victory, Giorgia Meloni, who is being called to become Italy’s next prime minister, left the low-profile profile she had maintained until Tuesday to make a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodímir Zelensky. guaranteed that his country will maintain its support despite Russian aggression. Although the composition of the next government is not yet known, as the three parties of the right-wing coalition that won the elections continue to negotiate, Meloni, leader of the conservative formation Fratelli d’Italia (FdI, Brothers of Italy), wanted both Ukraine if the western allies send a reassuring message that with her in power there will be no change in Rome’s support for Kiev.

Zelensky took advantage of the appeal to invite Meloni to come to Ukraine as soon as possible. He also congratulated him on his election victory and thanked the Italian military support. The FdI president, for her part, reaffirmed her “full support for the cause of freedom of the Ukrainian people”, according to her party’s sources, and also criticized the recent declaration of annexation to Russia of the four Ukrainian regions whose territory they control. partly Moscow soldiers. “It has no legal or political value,” said Meloni, who fully agrees with NATO’s stance against Russian aggression in Ukraine. He also called for further “diplomatic efforts” to end the conflict.

The phone call with Zelenski was not the only international contact the leader of the Italian right had on Tuesday. He also called Benyamin Netanyahu, a former Israeli prime minister who is running for the parliamentary elections in that country on November 1, as a candidate for Likud, a party twinned with FdI. Among other things, they discussed the potential for energy cooperation, an area that seems destined to mark the future of the next Italian government due to the skyrocketing price of gas and electricity.

Source: La Verdad


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