Smart has introduced its first SUV, with a compact format and 270 hp


Smart, the brand that pioneered the two-seater urban model, the fortwo that is still with us, is no stranger. Boom SUVs that have not stopped growing in recent years and as a result he has just completed what will be his first Crossover. for that Of course, it serves it in a small format and is designed to circulate in the city, as it has been its specialty since its inception in 1994, as well as being entirely electric since it finally abandoned internal combustion in 2020.

The Böblingen firm explains in this launch issue that “the car, not far from being an easy means of transportation, has reached new dimensions” and that “mobility now brings people together, connects ideas and cultures and creates a shared experience. “Today technology has become a tool that makes life easier for people, adapts to their lifestyle and not the other way around.” The fruit of this philosophy is the model whose name, with the hash in front, already gives enough clues to its nature, Smart # 1, which only raises the question of how it is pronounced on the street …

We are talking about a compact SUV, which, according to the first information provided by the brand, is 4.27 meters long and the wheelbase is 2.75 m, which promises a large interior space in the rear seats. In the pictures that accompany this text, the car has an innovative and avant-garde exterior, with elements such as hidden electric handles, frameless doors and a panoramic roof that users would not expect in this category model, all decorated with 19s. – Inch wheels.

It is reported from the drive system that the Smart # 1 will have a capacity of 200 kW (approximately 270 hp) and that its battery will be able to charge 10 to 80% in three hours at alternating current and 22 kW. The same is achieved in less than 30 minutes with direct current at the fast charging point.

A small SUV will allow its users to communicate with friends a Applications And includes a digital key equipped with a system that allows it to be shared. Of course, it is also designed to ensure the safety of passengers as much as possible: through various driver assistance systems.

Human-centered model

With a suite of specialized applications and a customizable infotainment interface, the machine uses human-centered technology to connect people, places and experiences, both virtually and in real life, according to Daimler Group (Mercedes-Benz).

Smart # 1 will be an artificial intelligence-designed avatar that integrates voice control and becomes a digital assistant in the user interface that fits snugly into the car’s interconnected ecosystem. Applications And a data cloud, which in turn is linked to intelligent personal identification and is protected by the highest standards of encryption in terms of cyber security.

To meet the ever-changing mobility needs of its users, Smart’s new model incorporates a centralized and high-quality computing architecture that guarantees dynamic cloud updating so that all ECUs (control units) exceed 75%. Constantly updating the car is possible remotely. Along with full integration of customizable ambient lighting and operating menu, vehicle driving and interaction aim to provide a natural and immersive experience.

With this vision for the future of the industry, the German brand puts the customer experience at the forefront and redefines the concept of business and day-to-day mobility. It seeks, in fact, to offer a real, people-centered comprehensive experience throughout what it calls it. User Travel: It decides when and where to get information, experience, purchases or just ask a question, while ensuring a smooth change Online A Offline And vice versa. For this reason, he says fully integrated physical sales will continue to be a major factor in his business model, despite a siren call that sounds in favor of selling entirely through digital channels from other parts of the sector.

Source: El Diario


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