Seven Tricks That Don’t Work for Avoiding a Drug Control


Taking drugs and driving are as incompatible as drinking and getting behind the wheel

Waiting more than 2 hours before driving, drinking water, drinking coffee, eating lemons, drinking energy drinks… are some of the most recommended tricks on the internet to avoid drug control on the road, which according to the Directorate General of Traffic do not work (DGT). «Drug controls through saliva samples are
a very reliable tool. Because a proof test is always performed with a second saliva sample sent to a lab, its reliability is irrefutable,” explains
Juan Carlos Gonzalez Luquedeputy assistant director of Research and Intervention of this organization.

In fact, he adds that “there is only one ‘trick’ that works: don’t consume. But if so, you’ll have to wait hours before driving; the more hours the better, but generally no less than 5 or 6 hours.” A time that can vary, as it depends on the substance consumed, the amount and purity, and even individual variations of the consumer. Moreover, drug use and driving are just as incompatible as drinking and driving.

wait 1-2 hours: It is only effective if the wait is very long and is about 5-6 hours, as a standard mean time, which would be the time in which the body eliminates the drugs at the levels measured by the test.

drink coffee beans: Coffee ingestion ‘fooled’ the first ethylometers a few decades ago, but has no effect on the concentration of the drug in saliva.

Drinking water: There is no scientific evidence to support this. Drinking water does not dilute the presence of the drug in the saliva.

sports/sweating: Saliva tests – used at checkpoints – are not affected by sweating or exercising. That’s why it doesn’t work.

eat lemons: It does not cause a change in the drug concentration in the saliva, although it stimulates its production.

drink energy drinks: The high concentrations of stimulants in these drinks may cause additive effects. It does not dilute the drug concentration and cases of sudden death have been reported.

Get some sleep: Sleep by itself does not eliminate the amount of drug present in the body. Only if it is a sleep of more than five hours would it have an effect, worse not because of the fact that you are sleeping, but because of the elapsed time.

Source: La Verdad


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