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Dacia Sandero: three generations and a reputation that continues to grow for this model that has become essential on the market

Having the opportunity to choose a new vehicle with a smart price and approach, go where we want, take the wrong road, enjoy the city and the countryside alone, as a couple or as a family with a single model. Dacia Sandero meets all needs and wishes. This model is more than a vehicle. Essential in the market, it is the first choice of private customers every year in Spain since 2013 and in Europe since 2017.

To understand the origins of Sandero’s success story, it’s worth looking back. After the launch of the Logan in 2004, Dacia decided in 2008 to introduce another revolutionary model, the Sandero, a robust and agile urban vehicle. A year later, the Stepway version was launched, heralding the brand’s first steps towards an outdoor approach. With its generous dimensions, high ground clearance, practicality and affordable price, it has established itself as the favorite of ‘intelligent’ buyers. In 2012, the second generation appeared, with a confidence index boosted by the new safety equipment. For example, from 2017 Sandero became the best-selling private vehicle in Europe.

In 2021, the saga of success continues with the third generation Sandero, gaining popularity with a more resounding and contemporary design, as well as intelligent and unprecedented equipment. In short, the model is more casual and accessible than ever.

“The launch of Sandero has accelerated the Dacia brand and made a big step. Since its commercialization in 2008, we have always been renewing the design, keeping its purity, but adding modernity. , dynamism and robustness to each new generation,” said David Durand, Dacia Design Director.

Source: La Verdad


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