Why your car battery is failing more often this winter


The loss of starting capacity is not caused by the cold, but by the self-discharge process that the batteries experience during the high summer temperatures

With the drop in temperatures, there comes a time when the car battery starts to fail more. Normally it takes longer for the car to start during the colder months because the starter battery reduces its capacity at low temperatures, in effect “the capacity of the battery decreases”.
decreases for every degree that the temperature decreases», point to ‘Choose quality, choose trust’ (ECEC).

However, this loss of starting capacity is not due to the cold, but to the self-discharge process of the batteries with the high temperatures of the summer, which was also particularly hot this year.

“In the winter, batteries do indeed break, but in the summer they deteriorate,” they confirm from ECEC, explaining that “the battery is an active product that wears out over time, whether it is used or not, and therefore it loses all its functions and stops working And it is that, despite the fact that the battery is stored in optimal conditions, it is continuously subjected to a self-discharge process that makes them at high temperatures, such as in summer, a greater self-discharge of cause the battery.

«In winter», they continue, «what happens is that the low temperature of the engine and the oil require a greater starting power of the batteries, which is sometimes not achieved given the deterioration they have suffered during the summer. In addition, the low temperatures typical of winter affect the chemical process that takes place in the battery, which also affects starting and charging.

Likewise, they point out that, in addition, “all comfort features typical of winter, such as seat heating or other heating systems, are also powered by the battery.”

Thus, in order to combat the effects of temperatures, the manufacturers of this part carry out important R&D work to improve the autonomy and load acceptance above 30 percent, which reduces the risk of battery failure or discharge, improving the performance even in extreme weather conditions. will be improved .

Source: La Verdad


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