DGT recommendations for drivers with vision problems


Since drivers receive 80% of the information through their eyes while driving, this is an important question.

According to the report ‘The Vision in Spain 2020’, almost 80% of the population in Spain has some kind of visual problem. In addition, 30% of Spaniards have at least two vision problems and 14% three. Since drivers receive 80% of the information while driving through their eyes, this is an important point. The main disorders are presbyopia (42%), myopia (39%), astigmatism (39%), and hyperopia (18%).

–Wear your glasses or contact lenses for the best view behind the wheel.

–If you have to use ‘almost’ glasses, it is recommended that you use progressive glasses to better observe the information you receive from the vehicle’s dashboard.

–Sunglasses that prevent excess light make driving more comfortable.

–If you find it difficult to drive at night (you cannot distinguish the signs well, you cannot estimate the depth, etc.), avoid driving at night or in poor light conditions (rain, fog…) . Plan the trip and avoid unfavorable weather conditions

–Reduc speed: increasing speed reduces the field of view.

–If you are taking any medicine that affects your vision, follow your doctor’s advice and avoid driving at night.

–If the ophthalmologist dilates your pupil during an examination, do not drive until the effect of the medication has worn off.

– Try to drive on familiar and quiet routes.

Source: La Verdad


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