Travel and parking assistance: when the car is driving in front of you


The new Travel Assist with swarm intelligence data allows the vehicle to perform an assisted lane change

Volkswagen integrates into the ID. Buzz fully integrated, state-of-the-art assistance systems. The optionally available Travel Assist with swarm data and the Park Assist Plus system with memory function are perfect examples of this. These systems can also be ordered as an option for all other ID models. of new production, from ID.3 to ID.4 and ID.5.

The optionally included Travel Assist can
keep vehicle on track,
keep your distance with regard to another vehicle in front of you, in addition to ensuring that the vehicle
maintain top speed predetermined by the driver. The Travel Assist uses, among other things, the adaptive lane guidance system. This system keeps the vehicle active in the center of the lane. Travel Assist can adapt to the driver’s driving style and can also keep the vehicle further to the left or right of the lane, rather than right in the middle. Travel Assist also includes predictive cruise control and a turn assist function when cornering. In this case, the speed of the vehicle can be adapted to the speed limits and the layout of the road (bends, roundabouts, etc.).

New features of Travel Assist. If anonymous swarm data is available from other Volkswagen models, Travel Assist with swarm data can use simple lane marking to keep the vehicle within the lane. In this case, the assistance system is also available, for example, on country roads without center lane markings. The availability of Travel Assist is further increased thanks to swarm data, improving comfort and assistance for the customer.

Fleet swarm data. With the use of swarm data, Volkswagen is taking the next step towards highly automated driving. The anonymous swarm data is generated by several hundred thousand Volkswagen Group vehicles. To this end, the fleet also collects map material with specific features of the vehicle’s environment, such as signal lines and traffic signs, and automatically sends this information to the cloud. From there, the individually adapted data is sent to the Volkswagen models currently driving on the respective road sections. The database is constantly growing thanks to the large number of participating vehicles.

Assisted lane changes from 90 km/h. When driving on motorways at speeds above 90 km/h, Travel Assist with swarm data can actively assist with lane departure, if desired by the driver. When the system is activated, the lane change process can be initiated and executed simply by operating the turn signal. For the operation to take place, the sensors must not have detected any objects around the vehicle and the capacitive steering wheel must detect that the driver’s hands are on the wheel. So the ID. Buzz automatically navigates to the desired lane. The driver can intervene at any time and take over the manoeuvre.

The second assistance system that is optional in the ID. Buzz is the Park Assist Plus with memory function. This innovative driver assistance system allows the vehicle to remember up to five individual parking maneuvers. The memory function remembers parking procedures at speeds below 40 km/h and over distances of up to 50 metres. This makes it possible, for example, to park the vehicle in a driveway or garage. The driver only has to park the vehicle once and save the parking procedure in the vehicle’s memory. Then the ID. Buzz can repeat the learned parking maneuver independently. The driver only has to supervise the operation.

After activating the Park Assist Plus system from the Parking menu, the system can also search for a parking space and perform the parking maneuver. When passing the parking spaces, the intelligent assistance system detects the parallel free parking spaces suitable for the vehicle at speeds of up to 40 km/h and the battery spaces at 20 km/h. The driver only has to stop at the selected parking space, apply the brakes and activate and check the parking procedure. The assistance system manages to park the ID. Buzz using sensors that monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and can steer, accelerate, brake and shift the vehicle. This system can also take over parking maneuvers initiated by the driver and complete them if possible. It also makes it easier to exit parallel parking spaces.

Source: La Verdad


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