The DGT fine for disobeying traffic police orders


Failure to follow road instructions can result in a hefty fine

Encountering a control or traffic cop while driving is one of those situations where it is inevitable to get nervous, even if you follow all the driving rules. Whether the officer is in the Civil Guard vehicle or on the road, it is necessary to follow their orders and know how to respond, both for safety and to avoid a fine.

The agents are the first in the order of signal priorities in Spain. If there are different types of signals, those of an agent controlling or regulating traffic prevail; behind them are the indirect signals and fixed beacons, the traffic lights, the vertical signals (those on the posts) and the horizontal ones (the road markings on the ground).

It is necessary to follow the instructions of the traffic policemen and do it properly. To do this, the DGT has published a video on its social networks with a simple explanation of how to act on a stop order. You must stop on the right bank, make sure you do not obstruct traffic, and do not get out of the vehicle unless instructed to do so.

If the officer is on the road, he will signal it with his arms, while if the Guardia Civil car is driving behind you, you will have to interpret the meaning of the lights: the flashing blue and red light identifies the described procedure, and if he also turn on the siren, it will be because the violation is serious. In the event that the red light does not appear, it means that you facilitate the passage, but you do not have to stop. Once you have given the reason for the stop, you are not allowed to continue the march until they give you the signal.

The most important thing is knowing how to spot the signs and not lose your cool. If the driver does not follow the orders or incorrectly, he risks a fine of 200 euros and loss of 4 points of the driving license.

Source: La Verdad


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