Is there a wave? – The number of flu cases is skyrocketing


In the past week, more flu cases have been reported throughout Austria than in the previous weeks. Vienna, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Styria are particularly affected. Influenza infections, so colds, are also on the rise.

In the previous week, there were an estimated nearly 2,700 new cases of flu and flu infections in Austria. It should be noted that this figure from the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) is calculated per 100,000 inhabitants, which means that the total number of new infections is significantly higher. The city of Vienna’s flu reporting service estimated 16,250 new flu infections and flu cases last week. These are higher numbers than in the past three years of the corona pandemic.

No flu wave yet
Epidemic level, ie a flu epidemic, has not yet been reached, according to the Center for Virology of MedUni Vienna. In the past two weeks, there were nearly 11,000 cases in the federal capital, which was relatively constant. However, very few things are secured. For example, flu is reported by a few select physicians in all states and by hospital staff when patients need to be treated as inpatients.

Older people in particular can be vaccinated
For example, flu vaccinations are currently carried out free of charge in more than 1000 practices in Vienna. About 200,000 vaccine doses could be administered here. That’s about half of the city’s total quota for this winter. “The crowds are huge, especially among seniors,” said Naghme Kamaleyan-Schmied, the deputy chairman of the Curie for General Practitioners of the Vienna Medical Association. According to the MedUni, the viruses discovered so far in Austria should be a good match for the vaccine strains in the vaccines.

Source: Krone


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